10 Lies Men Tell Women

I believe men and women equally lie – as women we lie about our age, of course our weight and we’ve even been known to lie about our mental status,

typically women lie to make others feel better – but men are different, typically men are more worried about their egos and will continually lie to

“enhance” themselves.


Top 10 Lies Men Tell Women


  1. “I graduated top of my class with honors” This line is so typical for men, and they use this lie to simply impress a woman. For men, it’s harder to just admit failure, and their level of success is important to them – especially when trying to win someone over!
  2. Another typical line of men is “I’ll call you tomorrow” basically they are saying “I’m not interested!” It’s easier for men to take this route and bail out rather than just speak up and say they aren’t interested!
  3. When men state that “No, she’s not pretty!” Beware, because he thinks she’s drop dead gorgeous! This is common in all men! I’ve seen men totally look a woman up and down and when his wife confronts her – he’s in complete denial!
  4. The biggest one yet – regardless of their relationship status – they will most generally say “I’m single!” This opens the door for further communication and you are in fact open to a relationship. The way men see it, its ok, no harm no foul!
  5. I truly believe saying “I’m sorry” is the hardest words for a man. They will say sorry to avoid confrontation, and they are also known to apologize even when they aren’t at fault. More often than not, they say it with no regard!
  6. The old and used up “I’m stuck in traffic!” when we defiantly know for fact he is not! Typically men use this line as way of saying “I’ll be late” men also uses this line to make it look like they are so busy and working so hard!
  7. “You are the first love of my life!” please! Give me a break! We all know men fall in love with basically every woman they have relations with! Wake up ladies this line is simply being used so you’ll fall deeper for him!
  8. When you man truly doesn’t want to attend your event with you and your friends or meet up for lunch with you and your Mom, the “I’m on my way” will come into play. Men do this as they know they are in control as you cannot react in front of your guests.
  9. Sadly men at times can even stoop so low with “You know me, this is how I am” and they do this simply to avoid something embarrassing. It’s basically degrading to us women because it puts us on the spot as they are implying “You should know me by now.” Beyond that, they are giving you a heads up that you can expect this behavior from them in the future!
  10. Lastly – One of the biggest lied about subjects is sex. Probably because this is where we are most vulnerable. We’ve all heard it “You’re the best I’ve ever had!” This is honestly the most paralyzing lie a man can tell his spouse, significant other or whatever you are to him. His lying to you places major limitations on your love life or even your marriage!


Men need to simply drop the defense mechanism that bolsters their egos and pride! Simply being open and honest with their woman is the only step to showing

love is more important than any lie!!

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