If You Have Any of These 12 Traits: You Belong to the World’s Rarest Personality Type

 Did you know that only 2% of the world’s population holds the jewels to the rarest personality type; known as INFJ? You’re probably thinking what the heck is INFJ? People that have this type of personality are often described as being mysterious, intuitive, and emotionally intelligent. These people are usually labeled as “The Advocate”, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa were all INFJs. Carrying these traits doesn’t make you different, they actually make you special!

Two psychologists developed the Myers and Briggs system, and they classify these personality types by breaking down personality traits into 4 unique categories; extroversion vs introversion, sensing vs intuition, thinking vs feelings, and lastly judging vs perceiving. For people with INFJ, their personality tilts more towards being introverted, intuitive, feeling and judging. Sometimes these people are hard to spot, but learning the traits you’ll be able to spot them in a crowd!

1. They Are Future Conscious

Trivial issues are not a factoring trait to people with INFJ. They are known to look at the bigger picture, and work to make things work in their favor. Challenges do not stop them; they always are striving to make things work for the best. I’d say this is a pretty good trait to have!

2. Hardworking People

These people are almost perfectionists! They vision a picture in their minds and work to their fullest potential to achieve that goal. They know that working hard will get them the desired results, they never shy away from hard work and giving 100% is

most defiantly their most defining trait.

3. They Believe In Their Gut Feelings

Very intuitive people, they know when something is going to happen, before it even does. They know going into something if it will work in their favor, or not. They always follow their gut feeling. I personally love this trait, it’s kind of magical!

4. They Are Truth Seekers

People with INFJ are most defiantly truth seekers, they feel connected with the universe and love to engage with the cosmos. They defiantly have a deeper meaning in universal patters as they believe in the mystery of the universe.

5. They Tend To Keep Their Group Small

People with this personality trait defiantly keep to a small group, or even to themselves. They tend to avoid conflict in their lives, and aren’t shy to cut you out of their lives in an instant if you agree to disagree with them. Basically they respect their space, their thoughts and ideas, they by far are drama queens, and don’t have time for negatively in their lives.

6. The Are Empathetic

These people will do whatever they can do to make sure another person is okay. They always want to provide support to another hurting soul. Whether it’s a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, they will be there for you hands down! They are actually the most generous of people and always seek to make sure everyone is doing okay! Again, I’d say this is a pretty special trait to possess!

7. People Readers

They are excellent people readers; they spend time observing people to learn about them, they also do very well at seeing through other peoples intentions, which in turn make them well aware if they would be welcome in their own lives. Again, these people are pretty deep; as they possess a high emotional energy!

8. They Are Loners

Sadly people with INFJs often feel lonely, and that is because they are not like other people. Most people with this personality trait tend to stay alone most times, they aren’t one that you’d find hanging around with a crowd of people, that just isn’t their thing. They again like their own personal space.

9. Contradictions Are Inherent In Them

People with INFJs can change from one extreme to another, and they can do this very quickly, and suddenly. Sadly this also makes it hard because their moods can change frequently and often and it can become difficult at times.

 10. All Or Nothing

This is defiantly another strong trait of a person with INFJs they defiantly believe in quality over quantity! So in other words, if you’re not giving your best, it’s best not to give at all!

11. They Can Make Connections

Another strong trait they carry, they are very strong in making connections. It’s like connecting the dots, and 9 times out of 10 they are right! These people are very smart and are rarely wrong.

12. They Like To Write

This is probably their most favorite pastime. They don’t like to talk a lot, and as mentioned above, they do like their alone time. It is believed that they enjoy writing because it is a place they can release their emotions and it brings them to a feeling of peace.



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