21 Day Rule to Relationships

In life, we will at some point or another fall in love, we will also lose the one we love. We will fall apart and feel we can’t go on in our life. Breakups are hard, and often times we handle them the wrong ways. There are no rules set in stone about what to do after a breakup, but there are some things that actually are known to work! See my tips below!


  1. No contact. The relationship is over, allow yourself space to accept and deal with your emotions. Make a deal with yourself that you won’t engage in any contact for 21 days. This means absolutely no contact what so ever! No social media, to in-person seeing each other, no texting no calling. Not only does this benefit you as if allows you the needed space to deal with your emotions, but it also is teaching your ex a valuable lesson – that you were serious.


  1. How it works. This time is for you, to learn about yourself, to learn about the relationship you just parted ways with and to grow as a person. When we learn to shift our perspective, you grow to respect yourself as well as your ex for the reasons you parted ways. This step takes strength, but it builds you up as a person, it increases your self-worth and helps you to realize your values.


  1. Silence speaks volumes. So much can be learned through silence. Staying silent and not picking up the phone to call them says so much about your character, as well as your willpower and strength. Through silence, you are actually saying so much, even more than words could ever say!


  1. Focus on you. During these 21 days, all your focus and energies should be centered towards you and only you. You should not try to learn about what your ex is doing, how they are coping, or what they’ve been saying. This won’t help you in any way, and learning information about what they’re up to might cause more harm than good. This time is to improve upon yourself as a person and what you bring to a relationship. Do things during this time that occupy your time and bring happiness o your soul.


  1. After 504 hours. You made it; you stood strong and survived not speaking our reach out to your ex for 21 days. This took effort and dedication on your part! So now, ask yourself, do you really want to reach out to them again? Did you learn during these 21 days what they weren’t offering you in your relationship? Are you happier now than you were before? The purpose of the 21-day rule is allowing yourself to base your decisions off a fresh and balanced perspective, not a rash decision of desperation and fear. It might be worth it to pick up the phone; it might be the worst mistake you could make. Only you can decide from what you’ve learned during these 21 days. Always believe in yourself and go with your gut instinct. If you find you are happier now than you were before, you’ve made a sound decision and you’ve also allowed yourself room to grow and become stronger!



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