Learn how to bring joy and happiness to your lives with My 30 Day HAPPY Challenge

If you are like the rest of the world, also on the go, and never seem to have time to take time out for yourself; here is your chance! Learn how to bring joy

and happiness to your lives with My 30 Day HAPPY Challenge!

It is so beneficial for our mental and physical health to make time for you! Listed below, I’ll show you how to bring some FREE happiness to your world after a long day!

You will feel refreshed, energized and free from stress; YOU deserve this! Lets get started!


 1.) Go outside! Get some fresh air; take a walk with the dog, the kids, the hubby! Take a leisurely stroll around the park, feed the ducks, and go on a bike ride!

Fresh air is good for us and exercise is great for both mental and physical health.


 2.) No social media for ONE DAY! This one is a tough one, but you can do it if you simply put your mind to it! Think of all the many things you’d accomplish!

We all are guilty of spending entirely too much time on Facebook!


 3.) Actually call your friend or a family member – NO TEXTING! We often all get tied up in text messaging; it’s good to hear a voice and emotion!

Catch up with friends and family by calling them, they’d be happy to hear from you!


 4.) Pamper yourself! Take a bubble bath! Give yourself this luxury, total relaxation with no interruptions and just relax – YOU deserve this!


5.) Give our HUGS! Yes hugs, hug the people you love in your life – hug them tight; let them know how much they mean to you!


6.) Do one random act of KINDNESS! Kindness is the simplest thing in the world to hand out. Help the elderly, give a warm smile to a stranger,

say hello, hold doors for others – it’s the simple things!


7.) Have a family movie night and watch a funny movie! Laughter is SO GOOD for the soul. Not only are you laughing, your spending time with your family!


8.) NO COMPLAINING! That’s right no complaining for the full day! Complaining is tiring, it brings others down, try it, you’ll bring JOY to others!


9.) Spend one on one time with your favorite person, you don’t need to spend money, just catch up! It’s so important to spend and make time with people we love,

life is too fast; don’t let time get away from you! Make time to make quality time with others!


10.) Read an inspiring book! Reading is so good for us! It keeps our minds sharp and  our imaginations flowing!


11.) Enjoy a quiet cup of coffee by yourself, reflex on your day and do some goal  setting! Give yourself 15 minutes of quiet time!


12.) Cook a healthy meal! Get creative in the kitchen and come up with a new meal for your family! They’ll love it!


13.) Drink more water! Water is so essential to our bodies, it is also so good for you!  are you drinking you 8 glasses a day? Do it – this is so good for our organs,

our skin and it is known to help drop excess weight! Drink UP!


 14.) Bake cookies with your kids! They absolutely love this and its spending time together as family, making lasting memories!


15.) Work in your yard, this is so therapeutic and relaxing! Have the family join in and help! Especially this time of year there’s so many leaves to rake!

Again it’s good family fun!


16.) Get a good nights rest! Go to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual! You’ll wake up refreshed and energized! Get those required 8 hours of sleep!


17.) Practice Yoga! This is such a good habit to get into! Such an amazing stress reliever & such amazing for overall health benefits! There are tons

of free video online; Google or use YouTube.


18.) The luxury of a nap! Listen to your body, if you’re tired, rest – naps are wonderful! Again you’ll wake up feeling 100% make this time for you!


19.) Listen to your favorite music, music is so relaxing and also is known to boost your spirits and put you in a better mood!


20.) Give out compliments, as many as you can – this is similar to kindness but it’s different! Tell someone they look nice or you like their outfit – little things

to make another person day!


21.) Meditate for 30 minutes! Yes, this is the best especially after a long day at the office! You can also teach your kids to do this and get them involved,

it would bring life long health benefits to your whole family! Great stress reliever!


22.) Plan a family vacation! Involve the whole family, create a budget and learn where you can cut expenses and start saving! This is also a great learning

experience for your kids!


23.) Smile at as many people as you possibly can in one day! You’ll be surprised at the response you get from strangers, it’s a great way to lift another up!


24.) Journal about something that brought you JOY. Do this everyday for 30 Days then at the end of the month you can look back and reflect. I love journaling!

another one you can do is write what brought you GRATITUDE everyday for 30 days. It really is a great exercise to get into the habit of doing.


25.) Eat a healthy breakfast! So important to get a jump start on your day and also is a great time to spend with your family before parting ways for the day.


26.) De-Clutter your space! Make time to simply do this, believe me you will feel so  much better to bring simplicity into your life! It doesn’t take long once

you get started and you will be so glad you accomplished this simple task!


27.) Set a goal for yourself and work to achieve it during these 30 Days! It feels so good and rewarding to accomplish something you’ve set out to do for yourself!


28.) End a toxic relationship! It’s time to be happy in your life! Cut ties with anyone who is not bringing Joy to yours! Trust me you will be so relieved!


29.) Learn to Pray. It’s not hard to do, there’s no right or wrong way! Praying is saying  Thank You, it’s asking for Guidance or help. Talk about your problems or

even   your happiness – HE listens!


30.) Volunteer your time to help at your lock church, food bank, Goodwill or charity. This is an amazingly awesome experience to do with your children,

it teaches them SO much,  plus its spending time together and its bonding!


Some people are going to think WOW this is hard! Nothing is hard unless you make it hard! Everything listed is fun, it’s free, and it’s beneficial to not only you,

but your entire family! I know you can do it! Pass it on to your friend and family – get others involved! You’ve got this!

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