You Have 4 Kinds Of Soul Mates. Here’s How To Recognize Each One

 “A soulmate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out and we can be completely and honestly who we are.” Richard Bach

Soulmates are people who make you aware of your repetitive patterns, mirror you and propel you forward on your journey. There are various types of soulmate relationships you’ll encounter throughout life. Being aware of them can help you take advantage of those opportunities and connect on a deeper level with your partners. Here are 4 types of soulmates:


Healing soulmates are friends who arrive intentionally and teach you life lessons that remove blocks from your past by mirroring you. It is strange how these friends arrive at the right time and place – exactly when you most need to learn what they have to teach you. Healing soulmates help you move forward in life.

How do you recognize one?

You become aware of this friendship when it escalates fast. A healing soulmate usually appears when you are dealing with repetitive patterns and try to figure out old problems.

How do you nurture this relationship?

You should know from the beginning that this friendship may not last. It only works if the two partners respect each other’s need for space. The intense bond can be reminiscent of a romantic or sibling relationship. This type of relationship can be very productive if you can take the good with the bad.


The relationship with this kind of a soulmate feels cozy and easy-going. This is because these people might have been lovers or soul mates in their past lives. The connection between them is instant and there is a feeling that they will be friends forever.

These relationships teach us trust and shape us. Although they are dynamic and carefree, they make us believe in ourselves and make us comfortable in telling each other everything. You are accepted for who you really are.

Past-life soulmates are the friends who help us grow into the person we’re meant to be, and have the extraordinary ability to push us toward our destiny without any suffering and pain.

Although we sometimes try to turn these relationships into romantic, that’s usually impossible. The reason for this is that there is almost no physical attraction.

How do you recognize one?

When you are at the point in your life when you are truly being yourself, you meet this person. These friends will help you accomplish your dreams and have your best interests at heart. It is a friendship that will last forever.

How do you nurture this relationship?

If you want to nurture this type of friendship you need to stay connected. These people always bring fun and love and help you reconnect with your inner desires and abilities. They are very important in the process of shaping you into the best type of a person.


Connections with these soulmates are through past lives and they are karmic and very deep. Sometimes they can be quite painful because they involve ego struggles. The point of these relationships is to endure the ego. Often, the only resolution is learning to overcome suffering.

How do you recognize one?

There is a twinlike connection between these partners and in times of intense emotion they feel each other’s feelings.

How do you nurture this relationship?

Do what it takes to remove your ego and focus on the positive aspects of the relationship. Give unconditional love and kindness to your soulmate to make him/her feel at ease.


These two people work together to overcome spiritual and emotional barriers. They think alike and can talk for hours finishing each other’s sentences.

There is a sense of wholeness from the relationship when you meet a twin flame. Those who meet their twin flame as a lover will enjoy the relationships for the rest of their lives.

How do you recognize one?

You feel like you’ve known them forever and once you’ve met them you wouldn’t want to be apart. Twin flames start making collective decisions in a very short period of their relationship.

How do you nurture this relationship?

The most important in this relationship is to be honest. Twin flames can overcome everything when both of them are completely themselves.

Each of these relationships can end in a heartbreak, but also they are opportunities to change your relationship karma. A relationship doesn’t have to last forever to serve its purpose. It is a success if you learn something from it and move forward feeling love.

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