4 year old girl tugs at your heart strings with this- Christmas classic

A small child wants to express her Christmas spirit with a song.  Claire Ryann is only four years old and has the voice of an angel.

It’s not even that she sings perfectly or that she will one day be a big star, it’s her heart.  She has the spirit of Christmas.  She sings with love

in each word and you know that she is singing about Jesus, whom she loves and adores.

She selects her favorite Christmas song, Silent Night.  She has the slightly chubby face of a toddler, with long blonde hair that frames her face.

She is all dolled up on a stage that is set in front of a nativity scene.  The props are all done in white and include white gift boxes that are

glowing with a light inside of them.

Claire has an off white bow in her hair and is wearing a beautiful, lace dress of the same color. The bow seems almost too large for her but

somehow blends into her cuteness.  The stage has Christmas trees that are all lit with white lights.  It is an amazing scene that has been set for this

little girl to sing her song.

She starts so sing, “Silent night, holy night.” Her face is soulful as she sings about her Lord.  She looks up at the sky during important words of the song,

“Holy infant so tender and mild.”

Her face is serious as she hits the high notes the best she can.  Even though her singing isn’t perfect, you won’t notice.  Her singing is bold and alive

with feelings.  Her eyes radiate her loving spirit.

“Sleep in heavenly peace.”  She closes her eyes peacefully and her face lights up again.

She sings on, “All is calm, all is bright.”

With a soothing scene set to represent the birth of Christ, perhaps the spirit of Christmas was already there.  But there is no doubt that this

sweet girl’s love for the holiday and everything that it is about was the hit of the show.

“Christ, Christ, the Savior is born.”

“Christ, Christ, the Savior.”

“Christ, Christ, the Savior is born.”