5-Year-Old Calls 911 To Save Dad’s Life But Her Call Is Cracking Everyone Up

5-year-old Savannah from Hancock County, Indiana is being hailed a hero online after saving her father’s life following an absolutely hilarious call to 911. The young lady noticed that her father was having trouble breathing, so immediately called the police.

She managed to get through to dispatcher Jason Bonham, and the resulting phone call shared between the two of them now ranks amongst the cutest things we’ve ever heard.

The audio clip of the phone call was uploaded online.

Jason can be heard reassuring Savannah that help is on the way. She relays the information to her dad, before then wondering if it’s all right for him to be in his pyjamas with company en route.

She decides to go to her room to change howeverJason quickly informs her that it’s vital she stays with her father until help arrives, and she dutifully does what she’s told.

What followed next was probably the smartest and most adorable conversation a girl this young can have. She then goes on to introduce Jason to her dog LouLou, who she describes as being “friendly, but barks a lot.”

Jason himself was left impressed by how calm Savannah remained despite a terrifying situation “Most people when you talk to them, they’re hysterical,” he said. “Every time I’ve listened to it it’s amazing. She’s just a little person.”

Savannah remained on the line for almost ten minutes, handling this scary situation bravely while speaking with Jason to ensure he was kept up to date with her dad’s condition.

People are in hysterics at the conversation scroll down to listen to the video clip.

Thankfully her father made a full recovery, because of her articulate and level-headed nature .This means this story can go down in the family history books as Savannah’s funniest moment.

Press play to listen to the hilarious 911 call from Savannah:

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