Cop pulls man over and glances in his car. Then tells the man to follow him to Walmart.

A hard working struggling young man was driving in Westland Michigan this past Monday with his daughter when he suddenly

realized an office approached him from behind with his lights on.

28 year old LaVonte Dell instantly felt his heart drop to his stomach. He knew he was going to be sighted with a hefty ticket that he

couldn’t afford,  for his window tint being too dark.

Upon the office approaching his vehicle, he noticed that his daughter was in the back seat, and not in a car seat.

The officer had Dell, nervous as can be, step out of the car and Dell complied with the orders. The office asked him “What’s going on?

Why don’t you have your daughter in a car seat?” Dell, tearing up, responded and said “I’ve fallen on tough times, I’m dealing with

a garnishment, I’m struggling just to keep my head above water to put food on the table, and I don’t like to ask people for help.”

The officer asked Dell to then follow him to Walmart because he wanted to purchase a car seat for his daughter. All the while,

Dell was thinking to himself, no one has ever done anything like this for me before! The officer purchased my daughter a

pink car seat (her favorite color) and it even had butterflies on it. He purchased this with his own money! Dell also went on to say

“You should of seen us in Walmart together, it was like we’ve known each other forever, we related and understood one another.”

Officer Joseph Scaglione (which Dell didn’t learn of his name till after all this took place), he took time to listen to Dell’s story,

and Scaglione could relate with Dell because he’s fallen on hard times too. Scaglione also said to Dell “What good would it do if I

issued you a citation, you’d just be deeper in the hole. Scaglione said “I was just doing my job, issuing a citation isn’t always the answer.”

Later on Dell’s Facebook post regarding this incident, he said “I want this to be an example to others, good people do still exist in this world”.

Source: ABC News

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