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7 Beauty Tips to Experience a Glowing, Radiant Skin & Silky Hair


Women pay a lot of attention on their looks and beauty. They spend hundreds of dollars on cosmetic product and treatments just to be pretty.

However you don’t need to spend so much money on products that often are not effective at all. If you want to take good care of your skin and hair, there is no better way than using natural ingredients. They have no toxins and cause no harm to your skin or hair. In contrary, your skin and hair can become even healthier.

There are various natural treatments that suit certain type of skin and hair. They need to be done on a regular basis so that you can fully enjoy their benefits and notice their amazing effects. In order to make the dead looking skin & hair lively again, follow the beauty tips mentioned below to naturally transform them:

1.  For dry,dull and tired skin

Use papaya to massage the skin on your face. Then use a face scrub made of honey, cold milk and oats. Scrub gently and then wash your face using water and ice cold milk.

2. For dull, oily and combination skin

First, massage your face with a mixture of sprinkled sugar and iced yogurt. Then use orange slices for scrubbing the skin until the sugar granules melt and disappear. In the end, wash your face with iced water.

3. For frizzy hair

This homemade spray will calm down frizzy hair and give it a natural shine. So, how to prepare it? Boil two lemon slices in two cups of water until the water is reduced to half. After is cooled, pour the mixture in a  spray bottle. You can use this spray on a daily basis.

4. To color the hair  – for people with brownish hair

If you don’t want to use hair dyes full of harmful chemicals and color your hair naturally, do the following. Boil several rosemary springs and 2 tablespoons of black tea in 2 cups of water until the liquid is reduced in half. Then mix this with 1/4th cup of shampoo and apply it on your hair. Wait for 15 minutes and rinse.

5. For a smooth back

If you want your back to be soft and smooth prepare this natural remedy. Mix half a cup of olive oil with 1 cup of sea salt and add 5 drops of sandalwood. Scrub the areas of your body that you wish to be softer and then wipe it off using a wet towel.

6. For dark circles and under eye bags

A lot of women have this problem so here is an effective solution. You will need to put some used chamomile tea bags in the fridge. First, grate half a cucumber and massage the skin under your eyes. Then lie down and put the tea bags on your eyes for at least 10 minutes. You will be amazed by the results.

8. For tired eyes

If you want refreshed look of your eyes use this remedy. Add 3 drops of honey and several drops of rose water in iced water. Immerse one eye into it: open and close the eye several times to allow the cleaning process to happen. Repeat the same procedure for the other eye and then splash both eyes with cold mineral water.

Did you like these beauty recipes? Why don’t you try them immediately?

Take regular care of your skin and hair and stay pretty!

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