7 year old boy donates hair for cancer patients then life takes a turn

Most 7 year olds have nothing more important on their minds than playing, eating, and going to school.  This wasn’t the case for Vinny Desautels, a gentle, young soul who decided to help cancer patients.  Vinny decided to grow his hair for two years to donate for wigs for cancer patients who have lost their hair.  He was happy with his choice and nothing anyone thought or said could deter him, until he started having his own health problems.

Vinny came home from school one day complaining of having pain in his knee.  A trip to the doctor brought the worst news possible, Vinny had stage 4 cancer.  Tests showed a mass on his bone under the knee. The boy with the big heart was now going to have to fight for his own life and battle his own cancer.

Several weeks after the cancer was discovered, things got even worse, more cancer. One of Vinny’s eyes had been bothering him.  It was swollen and dark

underneath, which his parents thought was probably due to allergies and being tired.  Another trip to the doctor showed that this too, was cancer.

There was a mass on his eye and the doctors thought it was of an aggressive nature. The worst twist of fate was happening to poor little Vinny.

Vinny’s cancer treatment was going to be quite expensive and his parents had no way to pay for it.  A Go Fund Me page was started with a goal of $500k

to pay for the medical expenses.  The page raised $460k of their initial goal and Vinny was able to be treated for his cancer.  The donations continued

to flow in so well that Vinny’s parents decided to pay the gift forward and did their own donation to other cancer patients that needed funding.

Vinny was initially diagnosed with cancer in April 2016.  No parent wants to hear that their child has cancer, especially an aggressive form that is in

the late stages.  Through public donations and a loving support group, Vinny has just celebrated his 10th birthday and is cancer free.  This thoughtful boy,

who at the age of 7 decided to help cancer patients, turned into a little boy fighting the same disease. It was unlikely turn of fate that he fought his way through.

Facing a family’s worst nightmare, Vinny has kicked cancer’s butt and shown what a warrior he really is.  For now, Vinny is back to being the little

boy he was at 7.  Carefree, happy, and loved are words that should describe children.  Let’s all send blessings and prayers for a cancer free life to this

courageous little boy and his family.  Life is amazing, surviving cancer is a miracle.

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