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90% of People Chase for What Others Want, but Not What They Really Want

According to you, what are the main purposes in life? Some people think that the main purpose in life is to have a happy family while others put their career in first place. Traveling and seeing the world may be priority to some people , while others want to spend as much as time possible with their friends and family.

As a conclusion, different people have different purposes in life. Unfortunately, a lot of people are influenced by other people. So instead following something they are passionate about, they are following something someone else feels passionately about.

People don’t realize how easily they are influenced and they think they are following their goals. However, they are actually prioritizing the approval of others above their own dreams.

Ask yourself these questions; do you think that your purpose in life is great? Do you think you would still do it if others disapproved?

Our Purpose of Life Is Often Subtly Influenced by People Around Us

Have you found yourself in a situation where you agree with what people say, even though you don’t actually mean it. This is an indication that you prioritize other people’s opinions.

Instead of expressing your personality, you are disguising it with a personality that isn’t really you. On a low level this is perfectly fine: people are social creatures who want to get along with their peers.

However, you shouldn’t allow this to affect your life in a major way – and it certainly shouldn’t affect important choices such as career moves and your life purpose.

There is nothing wrong with having a different opinion than other people. It doesn’t mean that you are wrong just because you disagree. ! You may not find it easy to express your feelings, but it is important if you want to live a genuine and happy life.

How to Find Your Real Purpose of Life

It is essential not to let anyone influencing your opinion completely. Try these tips if you think you are easily influenced by others:

Imagine this: All your loved ones disappear, and no one will comment on what you do. Will you still go for what you’re doing now?

Imagine a world where you can do exactly what you want without any jugdgment by other people. Your family and friends won’t comment on your choices, and you will never know if they approve or disapprove of your decisions. Would you still be living the life that you are living right now? What you still be making the same decisions, or would you be a totally different person?

If you imagine a totally different life, start making moves to change your current life. It may look scary, but try and be grateful that you realized this in time when you can still change your life.

Communicate with yourself more. You shouldn’t just seek advice

You should be aware of your feelings so that you are less likely to just agree with other people. Ask yourself : what you care about and what bothers you, and make sure that you can express your feelings so that you know what to say if the subject comes up.

Practise saying “no” every day

It’s difficult to say no for some people because they think the other person will be offended or upset. You need to avoid people who get offended by your different opinion because this means that they don’t respect who you really are.

Practise saying no in the mirror every day – this will help you to boost your confidence and it will make it easier for you to stand your ground in the future.

Source : Lifehack.com

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