A Japanese Buddhist Master Reveals 21 Rules of Life That Will Blow Your Mind

You have probably had a hard time to find the peace you always wanted.

Perhaps you have lived with insomnia and anxiety. The main reason you were never at peace was due to one recurring problem: You could not learn to “accept” where you were without wishing it were different. As avoiding or fighting against what’s going on inside you can make it worse.

Unluckily, acceptance is difficult to cultivate. You won’t accept the moment in case it isn’t 100 percent comfortable.

But, here are Japanese Buddhist master Miyamoto Mushashi’s twenty-one rules of life. Mushashi is the greatest swordsman in Japan that wrote these twenty-one rules fifteen days before his death.

They teach you to be comfortable with who you are, detach from outside forces you cannot control, and accept your circumstances in life.

Even though it may take weeks or even months to rewire your brain, it is worth it:

– Do not be afraid of death

Everyone will die someday. You can either learn to accept that your own and your loved ones’ time will come, or fight against it and experience sadness and anxiety for the rest of your life.

– Do not spend most of your time thinking about yourself

People who are happy focus on helping other people. If you spend most of your time thinking about yourself, you actually magnify your ego and each aspect of yourself that you might feel are unworthy. Not taking yourself too seriously and being humble can make you look at people in need and help you find ways to help.

– Accept reality

Accepting reality is the best attitude you can assume to overcome the mental challenges in your life. You’re where you are as well as there is no immediate goal or destination.

You don’t feed the negativity that can create more negativity. You also take the power away from the negative emotions. Eventually, they’ll have less power over your life. You’ll not fight yourself and catch up in bitterness, anxiety, or stress.

You’re no longer caught up in complacency or apathy—you’re in control and you’re no longer paying close attention to what may be going on. You allow the natural flow of life to happen around you, so that you choose how you respond to it. 

– Do not be a slave to desire

In case you become a slave to desire, you’ll get caught in a never-ending loop of wanting and you won’t be satisfied with what you have. In case you try to be calm as well as comfortable with what you have in the present moment, you’ll find inner peace.

– Appreciate what you have

Often, you aren’t grateful for what you have and what something you’re sure can bring you more immediate pleasure. It may trap you in a never-ending loop of wanting instant gratification. You also need more pleasure.

You should retrain your brain to learn to enjoy joy and fun. You can do so by appreciating what you have and not being sad when you’re not experiencing pleasure.

– Do not try to be happy all the time

Emotions and feelings do not hang around for too long. They’re like clouds in the sky, which means that they’re not in one place for too long. You cannot be happy all the time, because there’re certain events, which require action, serious thought, sadness, or grief. Trying to be happy all the time can just make you unhappy.

– Do not be a slave to bias

Being a slave to bias means that you aren’t happy with what you have and it’ll just cause you to feel disappointed when something does not occur as you would like to see it. Therefore, don’t prefer something over something else, particularly if you cannot control it.

– Do not be a slave to love or lust

You do not want to be driven by lust, since it’ll just bring temporary satisfaction. Your life will be more fulfilled if you do whatever you can for your family and friends. You need to temper your love with a little reality and remember that although nobody is perfect, you should be selective about whom you give your love to.

– Do not dwell on your past

Regret is actually a damaging and useless emotion. You cannot control your past. That’s why you should try to understand what the lessons were from every experience that you feel regret for.

– Do not try to control what other people do and stop judging them

If you always complain without doing something to move on or create change, it’ll not help you achieve anything. It’ll produce negative energy that you keep inside that may result in physical illness. It is important to understand that you can’t control what other people do. In fact, you can control how you react to it. Therefore, stop judging other people, because it can add to toxic energy that you may be tempted to hold on to.

– Understand that you’re responsible for achieving your goals

In case you can use your faith to be more productive in life, do so every time you like. But, it is important to understand that you’re responsible for achieving your goals. 

– Do not obsess over your legacy

Do not waste your time. Enjoy the time you have to be alive, as well as do the most amount of good.

– Learn how to defend yourself without victimizing or intimidating

Learn how to defend yourself without victimizing or intimidating.

– Preserve your honor

You should always say and do what you feel is right.

– Do not be jealous of anyone

Jealousy is an emotion that generates negativity. If you are jealous of somebody else, you are probably insecure with yourself. You should always remind yourself of what you are grateful for in your life to find genuine happiness.

– Do not be a slave to belief or tradition

Do what does make sense to your own values. Never pay attention to what others think. You know what is right and what is wrong. You do not need anyone else to tell you. So, decide for yourself.

– Do not be a slave to possessions

Remove clutter and create more space to breathe in and live. You’ll feel great release in case you get rid of things that are clogging your life up, particularly if you pass them on to somebody less fortunate or that can really use them. 

– Do not be a picky eater

You must eat healthy for good health. But, desiring delicious food may result in attachment and addiction. The same goes for drugs and alcohol, as well.

– Do not imprison yourself in only one place

Even though you must appreciate what you have, you should also be open to move to a new situation or move somewhere new. A new environment may soon change your perception of yourself as well as release negative energies you haven’t been aware you have been storing.

– Do not allow yourself to be upset by separation

It is difficult to be away from somebody you want to be with. So, you should appreciate what you have, and not what you think you’re losing.

– Keep learning and growing as a human on a daily basis for the rest of your life

You should keep learning and growing as a human on a daily basis for the rest of your life.

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