A mother of a child died in the arms of her husband due to the negligence of medical staff

Ayesha Khan from Lahore, Pakistan living in Toronto, Canada lost her life last month only 2 days after giving birth to her first kid, a baby boy. She died in arms of her husband and the reason was an infection that spread due to the negligence of medical staff despite several complaints. She was just 24.

Why did it make me extremely sad?

Because she belonged to my very own country? Maybe yes.

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Because a baby lost his mother within 2 days of his arrival? Maybe yes.

Because a husband lost his wife? Maybe yes.

But most importantly, its the moment and situation when it happened.

A moment that was supposed to be celebrated in every way possible turned into a nightmare for the husband.

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Just imagine yourself at his (husband) place where you are over the moon for two days and then your world, the love of your life, the one with whom you had hundreds of dreams ahead is taken away from you forever.

You have your very own kid in your hands, yet you can’t kiss your wife who made it all happen for you, who you thought would be there as your kid’s mother and parenting partner but is now nowhere to be found.

People die every day, but some circumstances make it worse. An educated couple who most probably had a beautiful, successful and happy life ahead, just had a baby to cherish parenthood is all shattered never to reunite again.

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It hurts even when I only think how tough it would have been for her husband to handle it all.

What do you see in his eyes? Joy of holding his first baby? Or pain of losing someone who meant the world to him?

Some of the comments by Ahmad Saleem (her husband)

“It’s my whole life taken away in a few moments”

“I was crying, holding her hand, telling her, ‘Please wake up, please wake up,’ until they eventually pulled me off and said, ‘She’s not coming back.”

“She’d become a kid with kids, an adult with adults, she could have a conversation with anyone, any age, any group and easily fit in”

“She was the most open-minded, sincere and honest and charismatic person you could meet. This is not something I am saying because I’m her husband, this is something whoever interacted with her can tell you”

“Ayesha had the most contagious giggles, was never too busy to check in on friends and family and always went out of her way to help everyone in even the most mundane things. In every interaction she had with people, she left a memorable feeling in their hearts. Ayesha loved life!”

“Seeing my son every single day, I want to love him, I do. I hold him and then it gets to the point that I can’t because it just haunts me.”

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“She talked to the baby during the pregnancy … and [we both] wrote to the baby”

It all happened just because a hospital in a first world country didn’t take due precautions.

All I can do is pray. My heartfelt condolences to the family, especially her husband.

May Allah grant Ayesha the highest place in Jannah and give enough strength to her husband bearing such a huge loss.

Campaign against hospital Ayesha riaz

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