A mother’s nightmare to save her baby.

Jennifer Shane is living what can only be described as a mother’s worst nightmare. Her beautiful daughter Rori was born with a heart defect that multiple surgeries have failed to correct. Aurora “Rori” Shane was born with a heart defect and corrective surgeries have failed. At this point, a transplant is the only option to save Rori’s life. Rori has been on the transplant list for more than 200 days and time is running out.
Rori has spent most of her life living in Norton Children’s Hospital as they wait for a heart. She has spent Christmas in the hospital twice already during her short life of less than two years.
Rori’s mom is doing everything within her power to try to find a matching heart for her daughter, but there are difficulties with that when it comes to a baby. Jennifer has started a Facebook page to explain what is happening and to try to publicize her baby’s needs.

She explains, “Rori has been waiting a long time for a heart. Unfortunately, because of her size she has not received many offers, blood type and weight are a key factor, a donor who weighs 20-50 pounds is needed and her blood type is A+. Sharing this on social media is a long shot but it has worked and after living in the hospital for almost two years with Rori, I’ve heard firsthand of these stories. So I’m here bare bones about my daughter and her story to strangers which is not an easy thing but if this finds her a heart I would do it a million times over. If someone sees this and can help or get us in touch with someone who can help please let me know here or I can be reached at 503-412-9976. If there is a heart out there for Rori the cardiac transplant team can work with the donor and the donors family, confirm the match and Rori can truly have a real chance.
Thank you for caring – Jen (Rori’s mom)”
The sad plea of a mother asking for a heart for her daughter is heartbreaking at best. Take into account that in order for Rori to find a matching donor will also mean that another mother has lost her child and it all becomes very complicated quickly.
To get the word out there and ask for help is one of the best things that can happen at this moment. Asking that one mother will be brave enough to save another child through her own grief is going to be a miracle in itself. Prayers bring miracles. So prayer and share are our greatest chances of saving baby Rori. Give blessings, be blessed.