A Note To My Daughter – Please Remember A “Nice Guy” Isn’t Necessarily A Good Man

As I’ve watched you grow into a wonderful young lady, and as I watch you enter the dating scene, I know you are feeling so many emotions of your own. You are searching high and low for signs that he likes you as much as you adore him. You are going to meet many people, and some may appear to be perfect to you, however, you need to learn the difference between a nice guy and a good man.

 When I was in college, I was in a relationship with a very nice young man. He was always gentle with me; he was charming, ever so sweet and treated me like a princess. We shared time together going on lovely dates, and he told me often I was all that he has ever wanted.

I learned through my other college friends that he wasn’t always so honest; he had the reputation of cheating on others. Whenever we had a simple disagreement, he would go flirt with other women, but the next day, he’d act all sweet and innocent, as if he had done nothing wrong. This was a vicious cycle that I dealt with during my college years.

He was a nice guy to all that he met, but he was not a good man. Many women will fall into this trap of falling for nice men because there are charming and adorable and they are fun to spend time with. They seem to know all the right words, and literally anyone will fall for them.

I hope that you take your time in meeting people. People aren’t about what you see on the outside, it is about their character. It truly takes a long time to get to know someone, so please slow down before you offer someone your heart.

Nice guys will make you laugh easily, but a good man won’t do anything to make you cry. There is a huge difference, be sure to notice this!

A nice guy will always so easily give you compliments; however a good man will celebrate your physical beauty as well as the beauty of your heart and soul.

A nice guy will shower you with gifts; a good man will support your dreams and goals and help you reach them.

A nice guy will easily tell you “I love you”; where as a good man will prove that he loves you through actions, not only words.

A nice guy will always make you feel desired; but a good man will show you his value towards you and prove to you and assure you that you are wanted for life.

This is the difference between a nice guy and a good man. Never forget this, it is a valuable lesson that should stay in your heart as you journey though your adult years.

I love you,