Are You In An Abusive relationship? Learn The 8 Most Common Signs

Learn The 8 most Common Signs of Abuse

Possibly you do not need to know this information; however someone that you know could most likely benefit from it. In the United States alone,

every 9 seconds a woman is assaulted or beaten, and 10 million children witness some form of domestic violence annually.  Around the world,

sadly 1 in 3 women have suffered some form of domestic violence/ abuse in their lives. Read below to Learn The 8 most Common Signs of Abuse

 1.) The abuser uses excessive charm, they lie to cover up their insecurities and they typically do this to win you over – they are good at it! Generally, abusers

are master manipulators. They move quick, when dating, they are controlling with your whereabouts, they bombard you with phone calls and text messages.

Their behavior is very excessive and they seek to become involved in a serious relationship immediately.

2.) Jealousy is HUGE. They do not want you associating with others and even become angry when you are speaking with the opposite sex. There are major

trust issues and they will continually accuse you of cheating. They also are information seekers, they want to know every little detail about your life,

even your darkest secret – they want to acquire this information from you so down the line they can use it against you as blackmail!

3.) Abusers strive to make you psychologically dependent, they want to keep you in isolation, meaning they do not want you to spend time with your

family or friends; they want you all to them selves.

4.) They power over you with control. They tell you how to dress, how to style your hair, what to think and even when to speak! They show up unannounced

at your place of employment; they question everything you’re doing. They will search your emails, Facebook, your cell phone etc. They will even follow you;

sexually coercing you and making you feel bad about yourself.

5.) Abusers will continually criticize you – saying you’re ugly, overweight, crazy, ridiculing your beliefs, your ambitions in life as well as your friends

and family. They brainwash you saying they are the only ones that truly care about you. They will make you feel worthless.

6.) Abusers will sabotage, because they do not care about you and your commitments, whether it is work, appointments etc. They will pick fights with you

and hold your items hostage so you aren’t able to go anywhere! They will steal your belongings.

7.) Another sign of abuse is that the abuser will constantly blame the victim to make them feel responsible and guilty for their negative behavior and meltdowns.

They blame the victim for every problem in their life. This is known as emotional manipulation as everything is your fault.

8.) Anger is dangerous because the abuser isn’t able to control theirs as they have severe mood swings, violent outbursts and are also know to totally

over react to the smallest of problems. Abusers are also known to have addictive personalities and are known to use drugs and alcohol in excessive which

only isolates the danger for the victim, leaving them feel afraid for their lives and uncertain for their safety.

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