Accepting What Is and Moving Forward

Life is demanding, sometimes tough; many times our problems become too much and we are unsure how to deal with the emotional toll of it all.

Often times we find ourselves feeling helpless, hopeless and miserable.  When we learn to Accept what is and focus on Moving Forward, we are

better able to cope. Learning to accept what is happening in our life is beneficial as we are developing a much needed personal development tool and

learning to overcome our obstacles. When we tend to linger on to our problems that arise in our lives, they follow us and we are succumbed

with undue stressors that continue to hold us back from daily achievements.

Benefits of Accepting

1.) When we learn to accept what is thrown at us, we reduce the stress in our lives; we find positive outlets to deal with any issues to arise.

2.) Our mood improves when we accept and let go. We reinforce our love for ourselves and our loved ones.

3.) Letting go gives us a good night’s sleep! It’s difficult to sleep when your mind is racing due to events happening in daily life – let it go and get some good rest!

4.) When we release ourselves from extra stressors, our mood improves and we feel better about ourselves and our self confidence rises.

5.) Letting go actually gives you control back over your life. Accepting is moving on.


Learning to accept whatever it might be that is lingering over your head, I promise once you let go, your will feel lighter – like a bag of bricks have been

removed from your back! Sometimes problems arise in our lives that are harder to let go than others, and that is understandable!


How to Accept and Let Go


1.) Learning to face your fears is the best place to start when we accept what is and let go of what was. Change isn’t always easy and isn’t always

pleasant at first, but all positive changes can only bring more positive into your life.

2.)  It is important that we must learn we cannot control everything, and that is okay. We are only human and we can only do so much.

It will be beneficial to you to always stay positive and make healthy choices.

3.) Stay in tune with yourself and your special attributes that you carry within yourself and put them to good use.

4.) Learn to stop obsessing over things that are out of our control. Obsessive thoughts cause undue stress and anxiety in our lives.

5.) Practice and learn positive ways of eliminating depressive responses.


Positive ways of learning to accept things that are out of our control will give us the ability to move forward in our lives and we will see that our

lives can be more fulfilled and we will be living happier without added stress. We need to always remind ourselves that not everything that happens

in life is our fault. We learn to accept what we can’t change and instead of allowing it to hang over our heads, we let go and grow through it.

Learning to love yourself for everything that you are and taking extra steps in supporting yourself along the way is essential always through anything

that life brings us.

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