Are You An Earth Angel?

We are all spiritual beings of light; however there are certain individuals with unique characteristics to provide direct guidance, compassion, love and  support to others. Earth Angels are very intuitive and in tune with the needs of others and continually seek, reach out to offer help and serve humanity.  Are You An Earth Angel?


Signs You Are and Earth Angel

  1. Earth Angels offer continual support to others who are hurting in one way or another; always there to provide endless support and a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear. Earth Angels want others to feel peace and joy.
  2. Earth Angels offer guidance, they seek to offer solutions and opportunities to others; always willing to offer help in any way possible.
  3. Earth Angels strive to help others tackle obstacles and provide more effective ways to do things.
  4. Earth Angels are daydreamers, not necessarily for themselves, but always for others.
  5. Earth Angels rarely ever ask for help; this is confusing to Earth Angels because their purpose is to help others.
  6. Earth Angels inspire others as they lift their energy and their spirit – without much effort at all.
  7. Earth Angels are most accepting of others, even if it is someone they cannot stand!
  8. Earth Angels are typically gifted, meaning they are exceptional artists, writers, musicians and even healing.
  9. Earth Angels cannot tolerate to see others suffer, as it is their nature to reach out to offer guidance and support.
  10. Earth Angels avoid conflict; they continually strive for happiness and do whatever it takes to avoid confrontation.
  11. Earth Angels are sensitive and at times feel they are bothering others, they are known to apologize frequently.
  12. Earth Angels are known to provide alternatives in a group setting and always offer their perspective.
  13. Earth Angels are never competitive in their personal life or their work life – they want everyone to be successful.
  14. Earth Angels continually seek to serve others, and they do things for others without being noticed.
  15. Earth Angels are known to feel alienated from others as they tend to feel different from the rest.
  16. Earth Angels typically stay away from crowed areas as they feel very overwhelmed by the energy that is given off by too many people.
  17. Earth Angels typically grow up feeling less of a connection with their immediate family and have a hard time relating.
  18. Earth Angels find that strangers open up to them easily and tell them very personal things about them.
  19. Earth Angels typically are known to have a family history of addiction.
  20. Earth Angels always engage in freely spreading guidance, compassion and love to others.


Earth Angels are powerful, they offer immense help and healing to so many on earth. After reading these 20 signs, Are You An Earth Angel?

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