Babies Face Lights Up With Delight As Daddy Sings “You Are So Beautiful”

As new parents, we are always searching for the one thing that will provide comfort to and soothe our crying baby.

Children love the rhythm and the sounds of our voices, after all that’s what they heard most being in mother’s womb for 9 months.

As parents, we find that soft lullaby’s to our children, provided them comfort, and sharing music with your child is also fun and a

bonding experience that lasts forever.

New father, Joe Cocker sings “You Are So Beautiful” to his precious little angel and his video has gone viral on social media.

This video is a short clip showing Joe gently cradling his daughters head, looking into her beautiful blue eyes while gently singing

this sweet melody to her. Baby girl just loves it, you will see in the video her facial expressions as she lights up with delight, she never

once takes her eyes off of him and her sweet little face is full of love and smiles.

When Joe finishes singing to her, they both just stare at one another smiling, it truly is the sweetest moment I have ever seen!

Then Joe places the gentlest kiss upon his daughter’s precious little head.

This video flooded social media and has been viewed over 1 million times and counting! The comments keep pouring in on how adorable

and treasured this special moment is for father and daughter to share together. Amongst the comments of cuteness between father

and daughter, were songs they have sang to their children, so it truly brought back special memories for all who got to witness this special

video firsthand!