Beautiful Moment Captured on Video When Infant Receives His First Pair of Glasses

Vision is such a crucial part of our daily lives, I’m sure many of you can relate, as many of us wear contacts or glasses so we can function in our daily lives.

It is amazing what the medical field is able to do for us in so many ways. Without being able to see, we could not do our simple daily tasks, beyond that,

we couldn’t see the beautiful world in which we live.


Christian is a sweet little infant, full of life and eager to learn and discover his surroundings, just as any developing young child would. However,

his parents noticed something was not right. Christian’s parents naturally were concerned and a trip to the doctors was underway.

At Christians visit, they discovered that his vision was affected, and he was unable to see things as a young child should. Mind you, Christian is just an infant,

so he was unable to express his lack of vision to his parents.

Baby Christian was fitted for his first pair of eye glasses! His parents were thrilled that this was going to be such an easy fix, but they were concerned

about how Christian would react to having glasses on his face. Even as adults, when we get glasses for the first time, it is a huge adjustment and takes

time to get used to wearing them.

Christian’s mother picked out the cutest soft texture blue frame glasses that would ensure him comfort; they were specially made for infants,

just like Christian. Both parents were unsure of what his reaction would be when they attempted to put his new glasses on, so they decided to film

this special day when Christian would be able to see clearly.

For babies, trying to put something on their face is a difficult task, they are uncertain, scared and in Christian’s case, he was afraid and crying.

He watched his mom with trust that she was doing what is best for him and when mom got the glass on, baby Christians face lit up,

he had the biggest smile from ear to ear – Christian was able to see, everything was clear and not blurred!

Christian’s parents are thankful for the doctors who discovered their son’s vision problems and finding the perfect pair of glasses to enable their son

to see life as he should. Such a sweet baby you are!