Beautiful Reaction of Young Girl Meeting and Holding Her Newborn Cousin For The First Time


The excitement of welcoming new babies to the world is overwhelming. From the moment you hear their first cries, your first precious kiss gently placed on their forehead to their perfect little toes. Nothing in this world is more precious than the welcoming of a precious new baby into the family.

In this video, you will see how true love and happiness transpire right before your eyes. Bree Miller of Reseda, California recently gave birth to her first child, Marley Rae. As with any new mother, she couldn’t wait to share her pride and joy with her family members. Bree was so excited to catch on film when Marley Rae’s got to meet her cousins for the first time.

Bree was tending to her motherly duties of feeding Malrey when the little cousins arrived. They were instantly intrigued as to how precious Marley Rae was, and they couldn’t wait to hold her in their own arms!

The moment that Bree places Marley Rae into her niece, Tiffany’s arms, Tiffany instantly seemed overwhelmed with emotion and her eyes became tear filled. She continued to hold Marley ever so gently and placed the sweetest kisses on her forehead and cheek. As Tiffany continued to observe Marley’s tiny perfect body, she held her close and tears feel from her eyes. Her emotions of pure love and joy took over.

For Tiffany, being as young as she is and to express such emotion over her newly welcomed cousin. Bree and the family were delighted to catch such tender, heartwarming moments on film, a keepsake that will last a lifetime. After the camera was off, Bree specifically asked Brittany what do you love most about your new cousin? Tiffany responded with tearful eyes, I love everything about her!