How to Become More Resilient in Your Life

Welcome to life, we are all going to continually face ups and downs, there is no way around it, but how we learn to deal with the times of doubt and pains of life has a huge impact on our well being. We are humans; we will all feel many hurts feelings, have times of uncertainty, and even be met with many negative emotions. When we learn how to take a deep breath, allow us some space and actually get in touch with our emotions and take control over them, instead of allowing them to control us, we grow as an individual and ultimately become stronger and more resilient. My tips below will teach you the steps “How to Become More Resilient in Your Life”

1.) Acceptance

Acceptance, regardless of the situation which we a presented with, and the hurt or confusion in might bring to you, learning to acknowledge your thoughts, your emotions as well as your life for what they are. Your emotions are valid, and you are allowed to feel them! When we accept, the situation is no longer controlling us, we’ve accepted the situation and we find ways to deal with it – now we are in control, and that is power!

2.) Stay calm

When faced with troubling times, learning to stay calm is essential. Again being mindful of your emotions and learning how to tolerate your uncomfortable feelings will teach you to become more resilient. If you find it difficult to remain calm during troubling times, give yourself a break and unplug for 30 minutes, talk a quiet walk, practice deep breathing exercises. Learn to rise above and remain in control.

3.) Be authentic

Be authentic! Just be yourself and stay true to your thoughts and feelings. It is perfectly fine to express what you feel in your heart and always without a doubt, reach out and ask for help from a loved one if you need help. Sometimes a listening ear is really all you need from a loving friend or a caring family member.

4.) Be realistic

We all need to be realistic! Anything can happen at any moment, and it is always necessary that we are prepared to deal with anything life throws our way. We don’t want to allow a crisis situation to steal from our calmness. Remember this is life and surprises pop up continually along the ride! When we practice calmness within us, we learn to handle even the most difficult situations with ease.

5.)  Never ever lose faith

Never ever lose faith within yourself, never stop trusting yourself, you are strong and always need to be optimistic about your own abilities and what you are able to handle in life. When we start to doubt ourselves, when we lose trust, we fall – learn to notice this within you – dust yourself off and get back up!

6.) stay creative

Learning to improvise during difficult times will encourage you to stay creative and tackle the problems life brings your way. When we look at problems as opportunities for growth and remain flexible through out the process, we are being open minded and creating resilience in our lives.

7.) Be thankful

Gratitude is huge! Learn to be full heartedly thankful for what you have, and learn not to dwell on what you might have lost. Again, life is at times challenging, we will win and lose at times, but realize we always have all we need, and truly all we need is awareness of the blessings in our lives.

8.) Hard work

Continued hard work, it will pay off! Learn to accept and take responsibility for your life. Life doesn’t come with handouts, and it isn’t about give and take either. We create from within the life we want to life and in doing so we become resilient to  the trouble that come to us, because we work hard and we will continually rise above any defeat life brings to us.

9.)  Learn to utilize yourself 

When you search and find your purpose, you learn to utilize yourself as best that you can, every single day. The ultimate result is we combine what we love and we serve to others. We learn that in helping others, we can teach them the light underneath the darkness. People rise all the time by helping hands of others.

10.) Never bottle up what you feel

Your support system is huge in your life! You need those people that continually cheer for you and encourage you during hard times. We all need someone whom we can turn to, someone who’ll always be there for us when we fall. Getting our emotions out to another caring soul will work wonders in your life. Never bottle up what you feel, becoming resilient is about accepting and rising above.

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