Becoming Mentally Strong

We all are constantly hearing the same sound advice; “Think Positive and good this will come to you,” and “Always try your hardest,things will work out.”  While these words offer great wisdom, they do not really help you reach your goals. When you focus on Becoming Mentally Strong, you learn to recognize and replace  your unhealthy thoughts and behaviors with your best intentions; which in turn will build your mental strength. Here is a great example is comparing physical strength to mental strength. A body builder requires consistent dedication to their daily routine. They are adapting to healthy habits to reach their desired  goals. Building your mental strength is key here, as everything comes down to choices that we make in our daily lives; in order to meet our goals and follow our dreams.


First let’s talk about what mentally strong people DO NOT DO 

 1.)  They do not waste time feeling sorry for themselves. Self – pity is destructive and creates negative feelings. Learn to swap self – pity with gratitude.

2.)  They speak up for themselves and they stand up for themselves. They keep a strong grip on their power and keep track of their goals and follow through.

3.)  They are not afraid of change, shying away from change prevents growth and it allows other to pass you by.

4.)  Strong people do not focus on things that are out of their control. It is essential to keep your focus on what you can do. When we focus on things that are out

of our control, this is likely to lead to stress and anxiety.

5.)  They do not worry about pleasing everyone. You’ll become more confident and stronger once you stop judging yourself by what you believe others

might think of you.

6.)  They do not spend time dwelling in the past. Living in your past doesn’t solve anything at all and it can also lead to stress, anxiety and even depression.

It is important to stay on track and focus all your energies in the present and plan for the future.

7.)  They do not make the same mistakes over and over. They accept responsibility of their mistake and they use it as a lesson learned so it is not repeated again

in the future.

8.)  They don’t give up easily! Success is not immediate; we will always have obstacles that we must learn to overcome. We learn to bounce back quickly.

9.)  They aren’t fearful of alone time. When we spend alone time, we focus on our growth as we increase our productivity, empathy and also creativity.

10.) We do not expect immediate results. Yes we work hard to get closer to our goals, we measure of progress and we look at the big picture.


Now let’s talk about what Mentally Strong People DO 


 1.) They move on, constantly moving forward; no time to waste feeling sorry for themselves.

2.)  They keep their focus on the goals and they keep control.

3.)  The welcome challenges and embrace change.

4.)  They focus on the good and they stay happy; there is no complaining!

5.)  They are fair and kind people however are not afraid to let their voice be heard.

6.)   They take calculated risks; they weight the risks vs. the benefits before taking action.

7.)  They live in the present and are constantly striving for success.

8.)  They live in the present; they do not let defeats stop them! They see failure as a chance to improve.

9.)   They cheer on their peers and celebrate others success; they don’t resent the success of others.

10.)  They reflect on their progress daily and review goals, make modifications as needed and keep their selves in check and on track.


Mentally strong people will work to meet and exceed their goals no matter what is thrown their way. Being mentally strong defiantly

makes a huge difference between ordinary life and an extraordinary life.