Here Is What the Bird of Your Birth Month Reveals about Your Destiny

Every month of the year is represented by a specific bird which can reveal a lot about your personality. You just need to find your birth month and find out which bird represents it. The results will surprise you!

January- owl

You choose your words carefully and you lead conversations wisely. Despite your calm nature, your eloquence in creative writing surprises others, especially your ability to express yourself and leave others speechless. You communicate on your own terms and you have deep and meaningful thoughts.

February- parrot

You are a free spirit and a person who is never predictable or boring. You have a one-of-a-kind ability to think outside the box. Art, music, and creative writing are part of who you are. Those around you are often inspired by your unique personality and passion for life. You dislike being in the center of attention; however, you are a person who turns heads!

March- robin

These are the birds of endurance which means that you have an unbelievable capacity to survive in the most difficult of situations. Your family and friends respect your strength and beliefs, regardless of whether they recognize this or not. From time to time, you can get tired, but you rarely show it. Instead, you focus all of your efforts on the reward that is waiting for you. Without doubt, you are a strong and stabile individual.

April- canary

You love to laugh and you are always cheerful. Sometimes, you are the ‘clown’, sometimes; you are the ‘wise person’. You like making others laugh and keeping them entertained. Others enjoy your interesting jokes and sense of humor.

May- nightingale

Like the song of the nightingale, you make others’ days more beautiful. Your positivity and ‘infectious’ mood is the main reason why many people envy you. Your kind smile does not leave anyone immune and it is your trademark.

June- pigeon

These people are born leaders because they are the best when it comes to delegation and organization. When you take over things in your hands, you bring order, whether this is an important and big event or a smaller, private gathering. You always have a list of chores that you need to get done.

July- eagle

You are a confident person who is a great listener and even complete strangers are attracted to reveal you their life story. You are a reliable individual who knows how to keep secrets. You are always capable of giving a sincere advice to help the person in need.

August- kingfisher

You are a people’s person who enjoys making new friends who also enjoy being with you. You have a big heart and you are ready to offer a helping hand.

September- goshawk

You are the hero of your story and besides the numerous challenges you face, you always face them bravely. Your humbleness and heroic personality is why you are liked at work. You will never betray other people’s trust!

October- swan

You are the fixer and the one with the answers. You like helping people and you are able to find a viable solution quickly. You like being right and you usually are. This is why others come to you when they are in need for a good advice. You are their healer!

November- rooster

You are one of the best friends one could ask for. You are supporting your friends in good and bad and you are there to guide them and make sure they have fun along the way.

December- crow

You are a mysterious wanderer and an adventurist who is also confident and curious. You rely on yourself and you are satisfied with who you are. You may not be in the center of attention, but your life is always full of new experiences.


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