Brave man trudges through waist deep water to rescue 6 dogs.

Hurricane Florence was being hailed as a one of a kind event in hurricane history due to the anticipated flooding that could be the worst seen in over 100 years.

Many residents in North Carolina were ordered to evacuate their homes.  Water levels were expected to reach over 23 feet and flooding from the many

rivers were expected to cause immeasurable damage.  Whether mandated or suggested, most of the residents did indeed vacate the most dangerous areas,

and most took their beloved pets with them, but not all were so lucky.

Fur Babies

Most people love their pets as a member of the family and as such, took their pets with them.  However, not all pets were so lucky and not

all pets are considered part of the family.  There are several scenarios that may prevent a loved pet from being evacuated with the rest of the family,

including no place to keep them, no way to ship them, or not being able to find any kind of accommodations for the animals.  These owners

were forced to make a devastating choice to leave their pets behind.

Work Animals

There were other people’s animals that were left behind as well, but perhaps the choice wasn’t so devastating.  Some people have pets that serve

a purpose but don’t really consider them part of their family at all; instead they are animals that meet a specific need for the owner.  Let’s take for

example a breeder of dogs or hunting dogs.  These kinds of “work” animals are usually kept outside, fed and watered, and caged.  The work dogs are not given

the same kind of lavish life of a family member pet.  The owners of these animals stay detached intentionally and when a crisis, like Hurricane Florence,

arises, the dogs are not given too much consideration.

Hero Rescues Six

The whimpering could be heard from quite a distance.  Six hound dogs, trying to stand on their hind legs, up to their necks in water,

were all struggling to survive.  They were in an enclosure of chain link fence that was about six feet tall.  The hounds may have been able to jump or

climb over it to safety however, they were also chained to the fence.  A neighboring man heard the dog’s cries and went in to investigate.

What he found was a heart wrenching sight.  All six of the hounds were standing up trying to get the man’s attention.  Crying and whimpering in fear

as the water was rapidly rising.  The kind man was a brave hero for these animals.  He waded in through waist deep water to get the dogs out of the

cage and unleashed from the fence.  He led the swimming dogs to higher ground where they were able to stand without being submerged.

The man and the dogs walked together to the man’s house where he fed them and gave them fresh water.  No crying, no whimpering, only joyous

prancing around the man’s yard.  Within hours, the cages were completely submerged in water and the chance of survival would have been zero

for these healthy dogs.  Beautiful people often show up just in the nick of time.  I like to call them earth angels.