Building Healthy Relationships

Let’s admit it; we’ve all had our heart broken at one time or another! It hurts, it leaves us wondering where we failed and what we could of done differently to keep the flame lit. In all reality, strong and loving relationships aren’t too difficult to hold together; but it takes an equal effort from both sides. Building Healthy Relationships is essential in developing long term and lasting relationships.

Building a strong, healthy and nurturing relationship takes effort and time. In order for any relationship to be successful and lasting, it does take work; from both parties equally. I’ve always found that the most treasure relationships are when it is never rushed. It honestly takes time to get to know people, what their likes and dislikes are etc. Anytime a relationship is rushed, more often than not; it fails.

Lets discuss Building Healthy Relationships

  • Communication

Communication is key – literally the most important qualities of a healthy relationship. This is often difficult for a lot of people because they fail to know how to properly communicate. In order for a strong and lasting relationship to transpire, you need to be able to talk openly and learn to appreciate one another’s points – good or bad; and the same goes for feelings. Communication is so important because with out it, how can we learn to know each other?

  • Respect

Respect doesn’t just mean respecting your partner as a person, it goes beyond that. You need to respect their time, their heart (feelings), character (who they are), and you need to trust them. Respect is also accepting responsibility and admitting mistakes. It is asking questions instead of assuming or placing blame. Respect is also compromising and mutually seeking satisfying resolutions together during conflicts. Without respect, we really have nothing left at all.

  • Appreciation

This is a huge role in keeping your relationship strong. I say this because we get so busy that we often fail to tell other people how much we appreciate them in our lives. We always feel it in our heart, but we need to show it. It’s so easy to show someone you love them; using words, buying flowers, a simple card – these are all acts of kindness and they go a long way.

  • Invest in quality time together

Relationships can grow so fast and then it can begin to feel like a “routine” this is when we get into trouble with relationships. Most generally in the beginning, relationships are bubby, it was new, exciting and alive. As time goes on and you’re becoming more comfortable with each other, the excitement dies down. It is so essential to keep the spark alive and plan special outings together, meet up for lunch during your work days, it is important to make time for each other. Find things you like to do together as a couple and also try new things as a couple; this will make it exciting again!

  • Intimacy

Yes, I saved the best for last! I’m not just referring to sexual contact, but physical contact is so important for relationships to thrive. Hugging, kissing, holding hands are all ways of showing each other affection, its bonding and its so special to each other because is shows your love and respect towards one another. It is beneficial to keep your physical intimacy alive and thriving.

Relationships do take time and effort, but following the steps and being committed, open, respectful and honest with your partner you are well on your way to a healthy relationship. It goes beyond love; love is not enough to build a healthy relationship that will flourish. Strong relationships don’t just happen, you both have to give equally!

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