Can Long distance Relationships Truly Work?       

People frown upon long distance relationships, saying how can you trust them, how can you grow close to them or even really know them if they are living

in another state. Your friends and family will totally discourage it in fear of seeing you broken hearted!

In reality, no relationship is easy, it takes time and effort from both sides, but how do people make a long distance relationship work? It can be done – read

my tips below on Can Long Distance Relationships Truly Work?

1.) Being in a long distance relationship, the one thing that can become excessive is communication! One would feel opposite as communication is all you

can look forward to when your lover is in another state. Actually too much communication can make things worse! Remember the old saying “Less is More?”

truly there is only so much you can talk about in a day, not to mention excessive calls and texting is a sure sign of being possessive and even overly controlling.

2.) Best advice for walking into a long distance relationships is to view it as another journey in your life, and take it as a learning experience. And I’m not saying

that in a negative way! Long distance is actually a test of love and instead of thinking it will tear the two of you apart, it should actually be strengthening the

bond between the both of you – if it is true love!

3.) Most defiantly voice your expectations and you should both be mutually agreeing to them. This way, there are no sudden surprises! Make sure that you both are on the same commitment level. Most importantly for both parties, honesty and having a open and mutually respectful agreement is going to be key – especially if you are exclusive!

4.) Thank God for the internet! There is literally so much the two of you can do online together. Play online games together for fun; take a walk in your neighborhood while video calling, use Skype do online shopping together. In other words, keep it creative and alive!

5.) By all means, visit one another where ever possible! Plan in advance when you can visit one another and make it a weekend trip or whatever your schedule allows. Spend quality time together when you are in each other presence and plan a special date night.

6.) Parting ways is always going to be difficult until you’re able to be together again. There is so much meaning in a little memento, something special that you can attach meaning to. It truly is the little things that mean so much!

7.) By all means, you defiantly need to stay positive and pour positive energy into your relationship in order to keep it alive! Waiting for the next visit is naturally going to be painful and there will be many times you feel lonely, but you need to remind yourself you will be back to butterflies and rainbows in no time! Think of all the things in your relationship that have made you grateful, this will help you stay positive. Acknowledge that you are loved and you love someone who brings meaning to your life. Learn to appreciate the simple things, like the letters and cards that surprise you in the mail.

Nobody said it will be easy, but it if you have the love in your heart, then by all means follow your heart! You will miss out on some of the everyday interactions, however these small things that you lack suddenly mean so much more when you are involved in a long distance relationship.


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