Can you trust in your partner?

Trust is one of the hardest things to earn in life, doesn’t matter if it is a friend or a significant other, once trust becomes questionable, it is honestly the most difficult to repair. Trust is even harder to if you’ve been mislead before. Honestly, without trust, we have nothing. Trust is something that we earn; we build it together in our relationships, and it takes effort from both partners to have an honest trustworthy relationship. Below are some typical red flags when it comes to trust. Can you trust in your partner?

1.) When starting to date, instead of rushing into someone’s arms, it is so important to actually get to know this person, this protects you from hurt down the road. If your partner has a shady past, in regards to their past relationships, this is a good indicator of their values and beliefs. If they were dishonest in a prior relationship, chances are, they’ll carry these traits into a new relationship. Be careful!

2.) When your partner lies, even if it is just the littlest lie, there is most generally bigger lies beneath. If you catch them in a lie about where they were, or who they were with, this should be taken seriously. If they are hiding facts and information from you and making up stuff to cover up something else, protect your heart and move on. It will not get better, as they clearly have no respect for you.

3.) Always listen to your gut feelings, it generally is on point and won’t mislead you! Your own intuition is the best indicator that something is clearly off, never ignore your inner voice, it doesn’t mislead! When you feel inside that you cant trust your partner, there are reasons that lead up to your feelings, don’t brush them off, you deserve to have nothing but honesty!

4.) Another sure sign that trust is questionable from your partner is when they start hiding things from you and become secretive. You should never be reduced by your partner to the point that you have to play detective in your relationship, in order to find truths. Speak with your partner, express your concern, make a mindful decision and ask yourself, is this how I want to like my life?

5.) Often times, when trust is an issue in a relationship, you will start to notice that things just don’t add up. They are continually late getting home after work, they are drinking more, spending more time with their buddies and less time with you, there is money missing from bank accounts and if seems they are spending more time away from home than they are actually home. Once confronted, they will continue the lie and make it an even bigger lie, in order to gain back control for the moment. This is the time to seriously wash your hand and move on with your life, because you deserve better.

6.) Your partner that was once so supportive towards you is never there for you anymore, not just during hard times, but even times of joy. In a trusting, loving and thriving relationship, couples are there for one another; they lift each other up and support them continually, regardless of the situation. When you lack this from your partner, you can confront them, or better yet, move on, because you shouldn’t lack the support you require, especially from the one you gave your life to.



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