How To Change Your Life For The Better – In Just 1 Month

Life defiantly can take us on a roller coaster ride; we all experience the highs and lows of life. We can read all the self help books available to us,

we can scour the internet looking to tips on how to make things better – but me must see everything we need is already inside us. We have everything

it takes to enjoy our lives and the power to lead as satisfying and purposeful life.


Below I’ll share 4 tips on How To Change Your Life For The Better – this will be perfect as the New Year is approaching us quickly – what a great time to start!

Week 1 –

  1. Let’s change up your routine a bit. Start getting up 30 minutes earlier each day to focus on journal writing. This can be anything of any topic you choose.
  2. It could be a new goal, something that’s bothering you that you need to release off your chest or even write what you are grateful for. Journaling is also
  3. a great place to set your intentions on what you’d like to accomplish for that day. When completing this task, please no cell phone or electronic devices –
  4. this is a time for you to focus on you!

Week 2 –

Let’s get you focused on organization! Not everyone’s favorite thing to do, but it does lead to a calmer and more peaceful life! Clean out closets; donate things

you no longer use. Same goes for your kitchen area, we all have a junk drawer, clean it out and organize it. These simple tasks make life much smoother!

Next turn the focus onto yourself. Try eliminating processed foods from your diet, yes this is going to be difficult at first, but the results are so worth it and you’ll

feel amazing! Make time to move your body, get some fresh air, schedule in time for a daily 30 minute walk. This is great for your mind and body as it is a

great stress reliever!

Week 3 –

Cut your relationships with toxic friendships. We don’t need people in our lives that continually bring us down. When you stop associating with them, they will

get the picture! Focus on yourself and what is best for you and your body – this includes smoking, excessive drinking, and try limiting your TV time and find other

thing that are more beneficial to you. Learn to swap out your unhealthy addictions for more healthy choices that will enhance your life. An example would

be replacing your coffee for green tea – the health benefits are amazing!

Week 4 –

Cut all the bullshit from your life and makes your dreams come true! This defiantly is achievable. Set realistic goals for yourself, teach yourself to save money

and plan the vacation you’ve always dreamed of! When you make commitments to yourself and follow thru, you are able to reach your goals! If you’re in

a unhealthy relationship, get out – its not going to get better and time is valuable, don’t waste it! Learn to face your fears, be adventurous; it’s perfectly okay

to take chances and even risks. Do something you’ve never done before, learn a new hobby or even a second language – step out of your comfort zone and

enjoy your life!

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