Common Signs of Low Self Esteem

Without self esteem, we will suffer through life. People that exhibit low self esteem typically has no values in place and there are no boundaries set in regards to what they accept as to how they are treated by others. We should always build another person up, especially if they suffer with low self esteem.

Below are common signs displayed by people with self esteem issues.

1.) Individuals that continually say “yes” to everything are terribly suffering from low self esteem. Regardless of situations they are faced with, they say “yes”, even if they know the outcome of their decision could be harmful to them or even put them in a negative situation.

2.) Negative self talk and self criticism are huge. They don’t see the value within them; they continually feel worthless and feel everyone else is better than them. They fail to lead a productive life because they hide themselves from their true potential.

3.) A person with low self esteem always seek the opinions of others, and are unable to make sound decisions on their own, as if they don’t trust themselves. As a direct result, again they fail to reach their full potential in life.

4.) Simple decisions are hard and a common issue, they are quick to make decisions and don’t think things through; many times decision making is poor when faced with major life decisions and this hinders the room for positive growth.

5.) Constantly, a person with low self esteem issues is afraid of failure. They are afraid to speak up and ask for help when needed; they are afraid to use their voice for guidance that they so desperately need.

6.) Sadly, constructive criticism is taken to heart, as a personal attack against them. At times it can become very difficult to help someone who is struggling with low self esteem, because all your suggestions back fire, as the person takes the suggestion in the wrong way.

7.) Typically people with low self esteem are quiet, they stay to themselves, and they have limited friends and deal with their feelings by themselves. They have issues in a group setting because they feel left out and are afraid to join in on any “normal” conversation.

8.) Often times, the individual gives up rather than continues to try. Although they have the potential to achieve success just as any other person, they don’t feel it within themselves to continue. There is lack of ambition.

9.) Body language is often a huge give away of people who suffer with self esteem issues. They often are known to be fidgeting or slouching,  this is because they feel uncomfortable within their own skin as they simple do not know how to fit in with others. They are often withdrawn from social settings and it is noticeable in the early elementary school setting.

10.) Fear is huge; they refuse to try new things because fear of failure holds them back. As a result they tend to struggle through out their lives and success is hard to reach. There is hope with successful therapy that people can overcome their low self esteem issues and lead a positive healthy lifestyle, with huge success!

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