How Couples Stay Together, Even Through Tough Times

Every relationship will face heartaches, but some couples seem to have it all together – regardless of any downfall, they make even the most trying times of

their lives seem so effortless. How do they do it? My tips below will show you “How Couples Stay Together, Even Through Tough Times”

1.) Any long lasting relationship is truly built around enjoying one another and having fun. Couples who learn to joke with each other, laughing together and

sharing the simple joys of life develop the strongest of friendships that create a lasting bond between the two. They take the time each day to kick back

together to just enjoy life as it comes.

2.) Couples that stay together for life time, continually compliment one another. This goes beyond the “you look nice today”, it’s showing one another recognition

of positive efforts that they have made whether it be in their career, dealing with your children, etc. Positive reinforcement goes the distance! Everyone craves

a compliment, it warms your heart and it shows you are worthy and making your spouse/ significant other that they are proud of you.

3.) Learning to make compromises in any relationship defiantly builds upon the relationship. Understanding from both sides that you are one whole, and not putting yourself first, will always flourish the bond and strengthen your relationship. We make compromises with our partners in daily life, and we feel good about doing it. Being selfish on the other hand, will tear apart your relationship very quickly!

4.) Successful partnerships make time for each other, not just at the dinner table – quality one on one time – getting away from the stressors of life. Scheduling in a special get away, making a special date night, all these little things create the big picture of a happy, well lived life as the love and devotion between partners continues to deepen and grow.

5.) So many people have such a hard time with the words “I am sorry” as couples, when we fail to apologize and admit to our faults or our mistakes, we are truly damaging our relationship! Learn to recognize is it more important to you to right, or is more meaningful to be happy? Learn to put your pride aside and be accepting of your faults, admitting to guilt, and avoiding a huge argument to can totally be avoided by simply saying “I am sorry.”

6.) When disagreements arise, and they will, allow your partner the opportunity to be expressive of their feelings – without interrupting them! Their feelings are valid and they deserve and are entitled to express them. Always give yourself time to process the situation before you respond. Overreacting will not get you anywhere. Successful relationship work because they communicate effectively, they aren’t eager to judge!

7.) Life is short, and so very precious, do what you can everyday to make your partner happy and feel loved. This isn’t about spending money! This is about striving to give your best effort to your partner daily, regardless of any hardships. When couples take the time to make one another happy, this is the secret to lasting and loving relationships.

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