Couple buys a dirty truck for $4,500 – look inside to see the dream house it is now

Creativity can be a saving grace

House prices have sky rocketed so high that many people can’t even fathom buying a house in our current economy.

Iona Stewart and Martin Hill are a typical couple that was caught up in the dilemma of how to have a place to live that was still within their financial limits.  With a little innovation and creativity, they were able to make their dreams come true..

Home ownership can be quite costly in a variety of ways and people can get tied down with so many house bills that they become house poor.  This means that they have a place to live but little to no funds left over to do much of anything else.  Iona and Martin wanted more out of life than just a house.  They both love to travel and seek out adventures as a way of life.  To solve their housing problem was going to take more than a little bit of thought.  The last thing either of them wanted was to be a house poor home owner.

Iona and Martin decided to think outside the box and incorporated their love for travelling and adventure into their need for a home.  They found a delivery truck for sale that was used for delivering bread and was only $4500 to buy.  Everything started taking on a new life as they made designs and plans to renovate this truck into a house!  Travelling, home ownership, comfort, and adventure could all come together for them in one creative truck remodel.

The couple put their heads together with the designs that would turn this truck into a livable home.  For four months they worked day and night to transform the bread truck into their home on wheels and did so with great success.

Walking into the home lands you in a comfortable living room that has a sectional couch in it and though it’s small, it has a warm and cozy feel to it.  Take a step up into the kitchen, which has a lot of the modern conveniences of a full size kitchen.  Stove, refrigerator, sink, and counter space to work on. The bathroom is also small, but incorporates everything a regular house could offer.  The other end of the mobile home is the bedroom.  The bedroom is elevated and has more storage space than many people have in their larger houses.  A full size bed, stand up closet, and cupboards above and below the bed, completes the storage space in the home.

The final step for the truck was to paint the outside to make it homier than the bright, canary yellow it had been painted for the delivering of bread.  Refurbishing the delivery truck into a home came with a price tag of $30k.  The benefits far outweigh the cost of the renovations for the couple.  The mobile home offers mobility, a comfortable home, and leaves enough money to enjoy life.  The creativity and innovation used in this transformation should be an inspiration to all.  When you chase after your dreams, put your heart and soul into it, and are willing to work for it, you can actually catch those dreams.