why Crying Is Actually Good For You and your health ?


Many people actually believe that crying is a sign of weakness, and that is not true. We all have to release our feelings

in a  positive manner, and crying is a normal and natural way in which we express our feelings for everyday life events.

People cry for many reasons, it could be a joyous occasion such as a wedding, birth of a baby, graduation from school and/ or college.

People have also been known to cry from extreme laughter!People also cry during times of distress, for instance loss of a loved one,

relationship and marriage issues, financial situations, loss of a job and illness, physical pain and the like.

If people view you as weak from crying, please know that you are far from weak! Many people that hide their feelings and are walking

around with the feeling of a ton of bricks on their back. It’s better for your health and well being to release the tension and let it out.

There is no reason for the emotion of sadness to be hidden and carried around with you. Holding back your tears can actually be more

painful than letting them flow!

Crying is also actually good for your mental and physical health. Crying releases pent up feelings, aggression, and even stress.

A good cry also releases natural endorphins and toxins from your body. Crying also leads to happiness, it actually allows the sadness

to leave your body in a positive way, as the stress hormones exit your body, then happiness can return.

Crying just isn’t for infant babies or toddlers! We adults deal with so much in the real world and many times it just becomes too much to deal

with. This goes for men and women alike. A man who cries isn’t weak, he struggles too just as a woman. It is nothing to be ashamed of!

Letting your guard down and letting it out is a very healthy and positive thing. You should never feel embarrassed or ashamed for

showing your emotions. Let your tears fall where they may, let the tears flow from you, you will be surprised how much better you feel

after a good cry.

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