Dad Caught His Twins In A “Conversation”, Their Exchange Will Leave You In Awe!


Babies are truly one of God’s greatest blessings, the most beautiful gift we could ever receive. Sometimes for new parents, it is hard to understand

babies and what they are trying to tell us. Babies however, can truly understand each other and exchange in some sort of conversation.


In this video, new proud Dad captures his beautiful twin babies in their own conversation! Naturally the father is amused to capture this rare moment on film,

and more than likely, these two were carrying on a conversation with one another! They’ve defiantly created a strong bond in their mother’s womb and their conversation is more real than anything Dad has ever seen!


How adorable is it that he was able to capture this special moment, such an intense bond between sibling twins, capturing the beginning of their life long friendship they will share together.


Song 127 :3-5 – Children are a legacy from the LORD, Posterity a reward from him.  4.Like bolts in the hand of a warrior are youngsters conceived in one’s childhood.  5.Blessed is the man whose quiver is loaded with them. They won’t be put to disgrace when they battle with their rivals in court.

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