Dad Finds Way to Calm His Crying Baby!

Newborn babies are absolutely most adorable, and for new parents, they just can’t take their eyes off their precious babies. As parents, we know new babies mean many sleepless nights, but to parents, the joy the baby brings to their hearts is priceless.

New father, Daniel Eisenman wanted to share his moment with his newborn daughter, Divina. She was the sweetest little angel, and when she cried out, Daddy was there to soothe her, in his own unique ways. What Daniel does to calm his little girl is so amazing. He doesn’t try and distract her with toys or a pacifier; he uses the sound of his own voice.

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Daniel is a motivational speaker in Southern California, and teaches about the power of letting yourself free in your emotions and decisions, so baby

Divina starts experiencing emotions of her own. When his sweet little angel cried out, Daniel lets out a long, steady sound like “om” into his little girls face.

Surprisingly, Divina calms down within seconds and falls back to sleep like the peaceful little angel that she is. Daniel further explained that this trick works for him because he often made this sound when she was still in her mother’s womb. Science has a lot to say about what Daniel does to calm his little girl. The most effective

way to calm your crying baby is by reacting to experiences that are familiar to them. Just as with any babies, the time during pregnancy was filled with many

rhythmic sounds, these sounds become familiar and are actually calming. Beyond sounds, the power of touch and skin to skin contact also is a calming technique

for both baby and parents alike. It is a special bonding time between parents and babies; it provides warmth and closeness and offers significant health

benefits and instills love and trust.

Beyond being a dedicated father, Daniel is also a writer and motivational speaker, and as a new father, he is doing an amazing job with his little girl.

Watch the video below and witness his flawless parenting skills.

video source: facebook

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