Dad Helps Teach Nervous Puppy How to Go Down Stairs

This puppy was afraid to walk down the stairs until his human showed him how it’s done. At first,
puppy Hobbs tells his dad he’s nervous and doesn’t want to do it with the sweetest little whimper,
but with some gentle coaxing and encouragement he gives it a try.

Just watch as doting dad demonstrates for Hobbs how to conquer the stairs. By the end the adorable pup
has gained some confidence and manages the last three steps all on his own. And just look what he does when
he gets to the bottom! Good boy, Hobbs!

Any one of us can be a teacher in our own little way too. Just like what the man did in the video, it was such a delightful and

adorable scene to see this man crawling all the way from the top to the end of the stairs just to let his puppy follow what he did.

Aren’t they cute to watch? And wow, isn’t the man lucky enough that at once, his puppy followed what he was doing and

completed everything so perfectly?! Such a smart dog!

video source: facebook
  1. Kathryn Lapinski-Kennedy says:

    Cutest thing ever. How can I share this?

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