Dealing with Negative People

There are some people that are continuously rude, down right nasty and always strive for conflict. It can be very difficult when Dealing with Negative People.

It is important that we don’t allow the behavior of others destroy our inner peace. Sometimes these people we have to deal with most days at our place of

employment, or the general public in general; grocery stores, creditors, doctors offices etc. It is important that you do not let their negatively affect you;

never take it personally! Nothing they are doing is because of you, keep in mind it is just a projection of their own reality. When you stay immune to

their actions and negatively, you won’t become the victim of unnecessary suffering.

Let’s discuss Dealing with Negative People


Negative people are defiantly not happy people, for whatever reason, they are constantly complaining, they constantly worry, they find fault in anything

and everything. I believe they lash our at others because they want to release what ever is going on with them in the fastest way possible; so they lash out at others.

They have no remorse for their behavior; and at times I don’t think they realize how rude and cruel they are actually even being. I also believe people act in

such ways because it is a learned behavior. We learn from a very young age that an action triggers a result. If I cry, they’ll feed me, if I throw a fit, they’ll

respond etc. Learned behaviors stay with us throughout our lives. Everything we do in life shapes up to who become as adults. As adults we should be able to

express of stressors in a more positive way as opposed to the way a negative person releases their stressors; probably because they don’t know how. It is

important that we learn how to deal with such negativity in our lives and not allow it to affect us.


1. )  Most important, don’t lose your cool with them, usually negative people are looking for a reaction, don’t feed the fire. Just handle your business and move

on about you day. This task is defiantly harder when it’s in the work environment! Don’t degrade yourself to their level. Always remain calm and treat them

as you would any other person. I’d defiantly limit conversations as to an on needed basis; you can achieve this and still be a kind person.


2.)  Sometimes asking the person “How can I help?” This will get them to open up and release their emotions. Be careful here; don’t get caught up in unnecessary drama!

Opt out of any interaction that you don’t want to get involved with! If this is going on in your work place, you might need to speak with your manager and explain

the situation you’re dealing with and hopefully they’ll intervene.


3.)  Some people will try very hard to cross the line with you; again they do this because they want to get a reaction from you. It’s important that you

maintain your dignity; never allow the actions or words of others make you feel any lesser as a person. It is also good to elevate your authority,

don’t allow another person to talk over you; your words are important and you should be heard. Never take it personally. You’ve done nothing wrong to them;

possibly they are having personal issues and obviously aren’t dealing with their problems well and are lashing out at whoever is around. More so than not,

this is just the way they are; and they aren’t going to change. Don’t let the behavior of others ruin your day. This is very hard at times, I totally understand!

Kindness goes a long way. Just be your usual self and over look their rudeness and negativity; never take it to heart. .Remember it is counterproductive to

become frustrated with a negative persons attitude. As hard as it might be at times, it’s more important to stay calm and never react; as this gets you no where!

Remind yourself that their negativity is not personal towards you, even though at times it might feel this way! It is also good practice to keep a positive

boundary between you and this negative person; its more important to keep your own attitude in check and a clear mental state. Rest assured that your conscious

is clean with regards to this person’s attitude.