Dealing with Temper Tantrums and How to Stop Them!

Ok parents, it happens to all of us! One minute our children are the happiest, most precious beings on earth and them bam! Just like that they are on the floor throwing the biggest fit of their lives! If you are like any other parent I know, you search the internet franticly trying to find the best possibly means of discipline!  Everyone has their own method for dealing with issues, but here I’ll share my Dealing with Temper Tantrums and How to Stop Them tips.

1-) First thing first! All kids need consistency in their lives, because this is how they learn and begin to trust in others as well as situations. The reasons kids throw the temper tantrum in the first place is because they are trying to express to you how they are feeling, even though it is being expressed in a negative way, they don’t have the words or the vocabulary to express their needs so they act in such a way that demands your attention!

2.) When we learn to respond instead of react, the outcome is more favorable for everyone, including your child. When we use words such as “I know that you’re disappointed” the child recognizes you agree that something is wrong and they you are here to help them.

3.) When a tantrum insures, we active quickly. Getting to the eye level with your child, we make gentle physical contact with the child simply by touching their arm or leg and we calmly say to them (with eye contact) I understand why you are upset and we then offer a choice by totally changing the subject off the reason for the tantrum, this step changes their behavior and allows them to focus on the choice you’ve offered. Simple examples would be that your child is upset because it is time to come inside from play time for dinner time. Child throws fix because he’d rather continue playtime, we understand you’d still like to play, we will play more after dinner. Now would you like the yellow cup or the red cup for dinner time.

4.) You basically are showing your child that you are empathic toward their feelings, your action is gentle with warm physical touch and you present them with a choice to removed them from the tantrum into making a decision and allowing the child to remain in control of their actions and emotions.

Everyone has their own techniques for their parenting style, and we all can read article after article looking for advice! There is no true right or wrong way, as each child is different! With staying consistent in your parenting skills, you will find best success, as children want consistency in their lives.

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