Dealing With Negative Energy

How Negative Energy Affects Your Life

I believe that everyone reading this article has dealt with someone who is continually negative, constantly complaining, and never happy with themselves or let alone others. Such negativity is draining and can truly dampen our spirits and ruin our day if we allow it. We can learn to protect ourselves from dealing with negativity from others. Often times, people don’t even realize they are being so negative, but it is the worst to deal with, especially when we are faced with it! If you too feel overwhelmed from others negativity, use these tips below for dealing with it!

1.) Be responsible.

Regardless who we are dealing with, or what we face in life, it is our responsibility to be responsible for our own actions and words.  Often time’s people will test us and push our buttons in effort to get a reaction from us. We must be mindful of their manipulation and be in charge of our reaction. If we learn to make a conscious effort to not be impacted by their negativity, we will always come out ahead.

 2.) Allow yourself to breathe.

We all have a choice of whom we allow in our lives and who we choose to associate with. Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is to walk the other way. Escape to nature, breathe in the fresh air and exhale the negative vibes that surround you. In learning to walk away, you remain at peace within your life, you are in control and you are not being overcome by negative energy that doesn’t need to be a part of your space.

 3.) Use your voice.

We all have the ability to let people know how we feel, with out being too tactful. Often times, we need to put our foot down and let others know what we will and will not accept. Never for guilty in doing so, this is for your own good and to protect your space. Never allow others to break your soul, steal your sunshine and ruin your day. Setting boundaries and limits of what you will accept and tolerate will ensure you remain in control. Learn to manage people you associate with, don’t let them manage and manipulate you. Stand firm!

 4.) Distance.

This is especially most helpful while dealing with negative and toxic people in the workplace. For the sake of your job, you have to find common grounds. You don’t have to be best friends with these people, but treating them with respect and keeping them at arms length distance is the best course of action. Walk away when things become too much, allow yourself to regroup, remember who you are and who you’re dealing with. Learn not to take their negativity to heart, and don’t let it eat you up on the inside. You stay true to yourself and continue about your business. Learning to block others out and ignoring others negativity is your best bet for success.

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