Dealing with Toxic People

The only way to win with a toxic person is not to play. Toxic People are excellent manipulators; they abuse, control, lie and cheat. They feel they are authorities

in everything, including your life. They, in their dark and twisted minds always feel they are right; regardless the situation. Toxic people target anyone who is easy going, gentle and kind; people who avoid conflict and seek to make others happy; typically they target good people. It is so important to learn to characterize people

by their actions and to learn how to spot a toxic person and how to eliminate them from your life, quickly!

1. How to recognize a toxic person

Toxic people are rarely truthful about anything or anyone. They lie and manipulate stories to make them look better, every opportunity they get. This makes them

feel powerful over others. Toxic people are very arrogant, they honestly believe they are better than the rest of humanity; they are extremely egotistical.

Toxic people also do not accept responsibility for anyone, including themselves. And sadly they have no morals for their lives; they have no empathy for others.

Beyond all the above, they lack compassion, their lives are drama filled, they are overly self-obsessed and also are known to have addiction issues.

2. How to deal with a toxic person

Toxic people can be a multitude of people in your lives; relatives, significant other, a friend and even an employer. It is nonsense to make

room for people in your lives that are bringing pain to yours. If a person is not receptive to your feelings, and overstepping your boundaries,

is abusive towards you; mentally or physically, its time for you to remove them from your life.

Possibly it might be good for you to write down what you’d like to say when you approach the situation so you’re prepared to communicate

clearly and effectively.

You need to be direct and to the point. Stand firm in your words, make them aware of what you’re not going to tolerate. Resist and refrain

from arguing as this will get you no where fast. You’re simply trying to have a mature conversation.

3. Reassess your values and what you want in your life

This can be very hard and emotional for you to remove the toxic person from your life, especially if they are family, a spouse etc.

This is important for your mental health and stability. You do not want to deal with the same drama and abusive behavior everyday of your life.

Please take time, allow yourself space; soul search. Sort your feelings out and at the same time, please put yourself first. You matter,

you have value and you are a good person. I promise you that no matter how many times they beg you for forgiveness, it will never last.

You will keep finding yourself in this vicious cycle and you will continue to be neglected and mistreated as a person. You have a purpose here

on this earth and that purpose is not for you to suffer ever, you should never allow yourself to be mistreated in anyway, by anyone.

I’d hate to see anyone stuck in a cycle of trying to rescue, fix or care for a toxic person. It is near impossible to do and you will be beating your

head against the wall for the rest of you life. It is a vicious cycle and one you defiantly don’t want to get trapped in. Reach out for help to your

local church, a close friend or family member if you’re fearful for your life. Protect yourself always; you have every opportunity to have a

beautiful life that you’re entitled to living. Set your boundaries, do not tolerate for a second if people cross them; this way you can be

healthy and happy in your life.

The more you learn to appreciate your worth, the less you’ll want to stay around people who don’t.


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