Differences Between a Soulmate and a Life Partner


For most, we didn’t even think about this; there is a major difference between a soul mate and a life partner. We can look at a soul mate as a person that

changes our influence on how we view things – in other words, they are aligned with us. Typically when a lesson is learned, the relationship dissolves.

The difference with a life partner is a companion who will always be there with you, someone who you can continually lean on and trust throughout your life.

5 Differences Between a Soulmate & a Life Partner

 1.) Soulmates can be family members, friends and even lovers. Their sole purpose is to fill a passion or desire of which they feel something needs to be learned.

Once the Soulmate completes their task in teaching us the lesson of life, they are gone from us and typically leave us hopeless and heartbroken. The difference

with a life partner, they are your cheerleader! They continually encourage you to strive for greatness regardless of any obstacles that pop up along the way.

The life partner is never egotistical and is completely connected to you both spiritually and emotionally.

2.) There is a huge difference in the soul connections. For soulmates, they have huge egos and cause major turmoil in our lives. More often than not, the

relationships are very intense; changes rapidly can be sexual or even platonic and at times even teaching karmic lessons. Their goal is to shake you, tear your

ego apart and leave you devastated with heartache. On the other hand with deal with a life partner, they are very accepting, they offer guidance in a positive

light, you will no longer need to fill the emptiness you once felt as self love surrounds you and they stay with you through any circumstance.

3.)  Soulmates enter our lives and we feel immediate connection, you just click – as if we’ve known them forever. You also share a lot of similar experiences

relating back to your childhood and this is where the intensity rises in the soulmates as they know are able to connect to similar experiences. But watch out,

these relationships become so destructive as they strive to mirror your flaws and habits. Compared to a life partner, they come from a totally different

background, different paths of upbringing and thus brings out a more emotional connection. You take the time to learn from one another, you feel comfortable

in the presence; which in turn turns into growth and flourishing love for one another.

4.) With soulmates, there is a very high connection in thinking and feeling. They know you intuitively. They know the feelings you feel as they’ve been where

you are and they use it as a weapon of destruction to break you down. Life partners are completely opposite as they are attracted to you physically and strive to

learn your values and passion in life. You relationship is pure, logical and based on intellectual stimulation, where as with a soulmate, there constant highs

and lows and causes major emotional devastation.

5.) You will find a relationship with a soulmate is basically walking on eggshells. It is near impossible to be on even ground as you continually bring out the

best and worse in one another. They specifically come into your life to teach a hard lesson. The love that is shared is at times overwhelming happiness or even

joyful and at other times full of hurdles too high to jump. The differences with a life partner are totally night and day. There is no struggle, the relationship

comes easily and continues to blossom everyday. Everything thing is in the present, there is no past to manipulate. These relationships grow into the most

beautiful marriages as there is still oneness and they keep their own individually as well as authenticity.


By no means, should this give you such an impression that life partners cannot be soulmates or vice versa! It’s important to notice the difference between

the two, one is a choice and the other chooses you. Each and every person we meet in life will always hold a purpose, whether it is to teach us a lesson or rather

to teach us love.


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