Dying Truck Driver Uses Final Breaths to Help School Children after Bus Crash

Jonathan Grayer, a rental truck driver crashed his truck into the back of a school bus and was badly injured after the accident. He was badly injured, but he didn’t call for help or wait to be attended to, he spent the final moments of his life helping the children out of the bus.

Damage is seen on a school bus following a crash in Bacon County, Ga., on Aug. 12, 2020.

This took place in Southeast Georgia where the bus was on halt letting children off. More than ten children were on the bus at that moment, and Jonathan didn’t care for his injury and his life but decided to get the children to safety.

Truck Driver Dies After Helping Children Get Out of School Bus ...

He got the children to safety, but he didn’t stay long on earth, he died because of the numerous injuries he sustained because of the clash. 

Jonathan Grayer is a hero, he was selfless, and no once thought about his wellbeing. He wanted to spend his last moments on earth saving people. May his soul rest in peace.

His parents Veronica and Isaiah Grayer described him as a beautiful soul, a son who has a heart of gold; he was the perfect son and they are proud of him.

Even at the moments of his death, he felt fulfilled, and never for once regretted his actions. We all pray that his soul rests in peace. Amen.