Your Earwax Can Say A Lot About Your Health: Watch Out For These Signs

It’s really gross to see these pictures and discuss this topic, but you can learn a lot about what’s happening inside your body by just looking at the stuff it produces.

The consistency and color of your saliva, pee, poop and snot can be signs for potential health issues or to reassure you that everything in your body is functioning all right.

The same is true of the stuff that comes out of your ears. Its consistency and color can tell a lot about your health.

Earwax or also known as cerumen helps in keeping the bacteria and dirt from getting too far inside into your ear canal. This is what ear goop can tell you about your health :

It’s watery, and has a greenish tint.

If the earwax is watery and greenish it can indicate an ear infection. However if you have been sweating, it’s not  a warning sign, it’s normal.

It’s sticky, or dry.

It’s connected to genetic adaptation to the climates of our ancestors. Thus, according to a study, people of European or African descent have sticky earwax, while people of Asian origin have dry earwax.

It has a strong odor.

This may indicate to a damage or infection in the middle part of your ear. Another symptoms of this condition are ringing in the ears and problems with balance. You need to consult your doctor.

It’s flaky.

This is a sign of aging. Glands tend to dry out as we get older. So, this sign is not something you should worry about.


Gray wax color

If you don’t have any other symptoms, this color is not something to worry about. It’s more present in people who live in big polluted cities. It’s probably just dust.

Wax with blood stains

This is a sign that you’ve perforated the eardrum and you must visit the doctor immediately. It can lead to infections and partial hearing loss.

Brown earwax

It can be a sign that you’re under a  lot of stress. Try to implement some stress-relieving methods or spend some time in a calm environment.

Black earwax

The black color and the sensation of itching in the ears are signs of fungal infection.

White Wax

White wax is a sign that your body lacks vitamins, especially iron. Try to eat more iron rich foods such as beans, peas and oats.

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