How To Effectively Solve Disagreements With Your Spouse, Partner or Significant Other. 

It is inevitable; we are going to disagree with our partners throughout or lives. Sometimes, arguing is draining, painful, brings on bigger problems and

creates extra stress that nobody wants to deal with. There are ways we can learn to be more effective during disagreements and actually end quarrels quickly.

See my tips below on ”How To Effectively Solve Disagreements.”


1.) When a disagreement or an argument is happening, you must remember who you are arguing with. This is your spouse, your partner, your significant other,

regardless of how irate, frustrated or disappointed you might be, we must respect who they are to us! We are all guilty of saying things we don’t mean in the

heat of the moment. We can’t take back words, so give yourself some space and think before you let loose with your tongue!

2.) Don’t fuel the fire – focus on the problem, and remember why you are actually upset. Don’t make the argument worse than what it is by bringing up the past!

Keep your focus on the present this will avoid a lot of heartache! Discuss the specific reasons you are even arguing in the first place, don’t venture from there!

3.) We are adults, we are mature, don’t stoop to something you are not! The most effective way to quickly solve a quarrel is to talk about the feelings that

made you upset. This can be, and should be done in a calm matter (regardless of the situation), you love each other, so show respect to each other, there is

no name calling and never is there violence!

4.) Always work to come to agreement and end disagreements as quickly as possible. When nothing is resolved, you both have lost! The key is to better learn

to understand one another’s feelings so you actually learn and accept your partner’s views and feelings – this way, the same disagreement isn’t facing you again.

When we take time to actually communicate with one another, this truly solves so many problems for the both of you down the road!

The main goal is effective communication and understanding of what your partner expects from you and to understand as to why they were bothered by

your actions. Nothing ever should become out of control with anger, hostility or snide remarks that you will regret in the future. When you practice mindful

and effective communication skills, and actually value one another’s values, feelings and thooughts, this is when your love for one another will deepen

so beautifully and your relationship becomes all that more stronger.

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