Effects on Children of Alcoholic and Drug Addicted Parents

When parents are addicted to alcohol or other drugs of substance, the children are the ones that suffer the most; the addiction takes a major toll on

the children mentally, physically and emotionally. Regardless of what an addict is using, they fail to realize that their poor choices are affecting their children.

You see, addicts put their addiction first before anything, and the lack of care for their children range from neglect to abuse. Statistics have

shown that 8.3 million children in the United States are being raised and cared for by a parent whom chooses drugs and alcohol over their own children.

Let’s learn about the Effects on Children of Alcoholic and Drug Addicted Parents


1.) The physical toll on the children can start even before birth, if the mother is using drugs or alcohol during pregnancy, she is putting her unborn child

in danger of a multitude of physical defects, ranging from mental and attention disorders, stunted growth, organ malformation and even withdrawal from

the drugs or alcohol for the unborn child. After childbirth, the effects on the child continue as addicted parents do not provide the proper care for their children,

because there main concern is their drug of choice and children suffer. The children don’t make it to routine checkups and dental appointments due to

lack of money as the parents continue to feed their addiction. Another major concern is that parents whom are abusing, they typically are not

making sound decisions, they aren’t alert, they aren’t supportive and nurturing of their child’s needs and sadly the child continues to suffer.


2.) The child will also be suffering mentally as well as the parents continue to abuse. With addiction, noting in life is stable, especially that of a child.

The child suffers in the bad home life as they aren’t getting the attention, love and security they need. Children raised in this environment typically are not

doing well in school; they often get into trouble and also learn to not respect authority. All this is because they aren’t getting the guidance they need at home.

Children typically will act out to get attention whether good or bad. They stop trying at school because parents don’t praise them when they do well.

They learn to disrespect others because they aren’t respected by their parents. And sadly most children that are raised by a parent with addiction

problems are more than likely to develop one themselves.


3.) Children suffer emotionally as the addiction continues because parents focus all their energies on their next “high”; and the child is ignored.

This alone leads to multitude of issues such as trust issues, social disconnection and even feeling shame towards their parents. The child is growing up in

an environment where there is lack of love, care, and a nurturing. The home life is not stable and is never predictable and there is no routine. Even worse,

as the children grow older, they are known to blame themselves for their parent’s addiction issues and at times the child even feels they need to take

care of the parents in order to keep the family running. All these emotions cause anxiety and addition stress in the children’s lives.


When we make a commitment to bring a child into the world, we are committing our lives and our love to this child. Life changes so much once we welcome

the gift of a child into our lives, it’s just not about you anymore; your child depends on you – night and day!  If you are in a situation where you need help in

order to get better for the sake of your children, please not only do it for them, but do it for yourself. Your kids need you, they want you to be in their lives and

they need your continual loving guidance and support at ALL times.






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