Are You Emotionally Attached To A Negative Past?

There is power in learning to let go. Understandably, we all will go through hurtful, devastating times in our lives. Instead of holding onto our past experiences,

we must switch our perspective and view all obstacles as stepping stones and as a guide for learning and growing. When we hold onto our past experiences,

we actually block so much that life has to offer! Are You Emotionally Attached To A Negative Past? –  Read my tips below to see if you are holding on to your past.


Tips You Are Holding Onto A Negative Past


1.) Release your emotions

If you continually hold your emotions on the inside and refuse to talk about your experiences, once you learn to release your emotions, you learn to overcome them and grow thru them. Rely on your family, your friends to open up to, they care and provide great support.

2.) Past experience.

When we fail to resolve feelings to an outside situation, when we hold onto vague feelings of pain, resentment or even grief, we are attaching our self to a past experience. These feelings leave you feeling uneasy, until you accept the feelings for what they are; they will continue to haunt you.

3.) Fear or disapproval

When we are unable to be ourselves in front of our family members and we hold back, remaining quiet or acting out and avoiding topics, these are all signs that you are holding onto old expectations and is usually out of fear or disapproval, criticism or ridicule. We should be able to be who we are in everyday life.

4.) Behaviour with children

You react to your children in the same manner that your parents did to you, and ironically we even recognize it as we are doing it! This is a huge example on how influential our past can be!

5.) “I can change him/ her”

Another interesting one is that we tend to gravitate towards our parent of the opposite sex – example – lets say your father was emotionally unavailable as you were growing up, you tend to seek a man that is emotionally unavailable to you as well. These are typical signs that you’re trying to resolve your past situations in your present life. And so often we find ourselves saying “I can change him/ her”.

6.) we are emotional

By nature, as human beings, we are emotional. When we deal with emotions, typically you block them from your expression – thinking this will alleviate the pain associated with the emotion.  When repressing emotions, this actually backfires as you are creating attachment to the emotions.

7.) Dealing with temper

When we find ourselves repressing our emotions, as a result, we are unable to control our impulses. We find ourselves dealing with temper that becomes our of control, anxiety and even added stress. All these factors lead to poor life choices, addiction behaviors and regret.

8.) Learn from your past

You will also find that failing to let go of your past, you will continually repeat the same mistakes over and over again – this is the truest sign of negative attachment. When we continue to make the same mistakes this is a sure sign that something from your past is influencing you by drawing you back toward it.

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