Enjoying The Holidays Without Stress

Holidays are a special time we are able to share traditions with our family, friends and loved ones. More often than not, the most wonderful time of year

can also be the most stressful! Holidays bring more added responsibilities, obligations, financial strain, emotional overload and even family drama. Honestly,

we need to learn to slow down, and not be so hard on ourselves and ultimately give us the gift of grace. My tips below will guide you to

Enjoying The Holidays Without Stress

1.) Learn to plan ahead, we are better able to approach the holidays when we make realistic expectorations and learn to focus on what matters most.

When we plan ahead, we remain in control and aren’t met with the added stressors the holidays bring. We can ease the financial strain of Christmas if we

learn to set aside an amount from each pay check through out the year so we aren’t feeling overwhelmed on buying gifts for our children and family members.

As a family, we can schedule in advance how we plan to spend our time, we don’t need to go to ever party we’re invited to, we can schedule to go caroling,

and see Christmas lights, these activities are offered the whole month! We need to delegate which activities mean most to us as a family and not

overload our schedules as this creates stress and strain to jammed packed schedules.

2.) For many, holidays bring on bouts of depression, anxiety and even left feeling inadequate. The true meaning of Christmas is not in the gifts we give.

We should not compare ourselves to others, nor should we feel any less of a person based on the size or dollar amount a gift cost. Feeling down is normal for

many and is referred to as the “holiday blues”, which can begin at Thanksgiving and last through the New Year. We need to continue to practice good

self care habits and reflect on the joy we bring to others. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or feel your schedule is too jammed packed with gift wrapping and

overloaded with holiday parties, it is perfectly okay to take a break and just relax in the comfort of your own home. We don’t need to make excuses or

give explanations to others, we just set our boundaries for ourselves with a clear plan of our availability.

3.) During the holiday season, we’re enjoying time with our family and loved ones, at times family interactions can defiantly make for some stressful situations.

It is essential to set boundaries, make a promise to you to avoid controversial conversations; it is perfectly okay to walk away. Remember some people strive

on conflict, and sadly sometimes these people are our own family members. We must always remember that we are in control of our own behavior; and

that some people won’t change no matter how much you argue with them. So chose not to. Christmas should be a happy time, not a time of quarrels. We often

don’t see many of our family members except on Thanksgiving and/ or Christmas so try to make your time most memorable. The holidays are about giving

and doing for others, but not at the expense of your own health and well being.

4.) Lastly, my favorite tip is to learn and brace your imperfections. Be mindful that holidays do not have to be perfect to be memorable and fun! Learning to relax,

stay flexible and letting go of perfectionism allows you to enjoy and focus on what really matters. The society as a whole seems to have certain expectations

about what makes the season special, and most activities are fun for all. Unfortunately, we can become so overwhelmed in all the hustle and bustle that we

find ourselves not enjoying what we’re actually doing. It is certainly okay to simplify without sacrificing the activities you enjoy with your loved ones. Stay close

to the ones you love and create memorable moments with your children reliving yearly family traditions.

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