Family had given up hope on sick baby – Then an unexpected hero shows up

As any parent would know, the news that you’re expecting a child is most exciting in the world! Sarah and Chris St. James were expecting their second child, a baby girl! Their lives were overjoyed when Solan entered the world healthy and striving.

It wasn’t until about 2 months of age that Sarah and Chris realized something was wrong with Sloan, as they noticed she was gaining weight rather quickly, especially in her belly area. She was eating and developing just as a healthy infant, but as her “Buddha-belly” continued to grow, they took her directly to the Boston Children’s Hospital for her four month check up.

Sadly, the doctors made a sad discovery, Sloan was diagnosed a rare liver disease called biliary atresia, which blocks and damages the bile ducts. The bile then builds up in the liver and over time breaks under pressure – when left untreated.

Facebook/Sarah St James

Chris and Sarah are left devastated as they were taking Sloan for peace of mind and being given this disheartening news. Sloan was discharged from the hospital, but a week later she was admitted into the ICU at Boston Children’s Hospital.

The parents quickly learned the only was to save Sloan’s life was liver transplant, and time was running short. Neither parent matched their daughter’s blood type O and they frantically began searching for a donor.

Facebook/Sarah St James

Living transplant and donor rules are very strict. The donor must be a friend or a family member, must go through a psychiatric evaluation, be physically healthy and willing to donate for free.

Close friend, Jake Tenney of Chris and Sarah’s saw their plea for help to save their precious daughter’s life and shared their story on social media via Facebook.

I truly believe in miracles, unexpected hero, and complete stranger with a perfect match for Slaon was Steve Tenney – Jake’s brother! Steve is an American Army Veteran and police officer. He is a 40 year old man, healthy and has never spent a night of his life in the hospital – until now.

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