Father’s Best Marriage Advice To His Son

Most people measure the success of a man by the amount of his paycheck that he brings into the home. However there is so much more to measure success!

These wise words of wisdom offered from Father to Son are nothing more than pure GOLD!

Words from Father to Son Regarding Marriage

1.) Son, if you are constantly spoiling your wife and spending every well earned dollar on her to please her and make her happy and she never asks

what you are putting aside for your future together; do not marry her.

2.) Son, please don’t teach your wife that her job is to merely cook and clean the house for our family. Where does this stem from? When we were

growing up, our job was to work on the farm every morning… that was my office.

3.) Son, please do not tell your wife that you’re the head of the house, learn to look at your will towards your family and look less to your pocket.

This will always make her smile.

4.) Son, in order to live a long and happy life, allow your wife to be in charge of the finances. I say this as she will be aware of what money is left and it

will be difficult for her to spend. IF you care for the finances, she will keep asking you for more when, when it’s already spent.

5.) Son, never harm your wife’s heart, never raise a hand to her. The immense pain in her body will be nothing of that compared to her wounded shattered heart.

This means you will be in trouble living with a wounded woman.

6.) Son, you are a taken married man, you can no longer live the bachelor lifestyle or you will quickly become single.

7.) Son, when I first met and fell in love with your mother under a beautiful maple tree, this could someday become the land of your local restaurants. So many fond memories of our warm hugs of embracing each other under that special tree.

8.) Son, when times are good in your career and you’re bringing home the nice paychecks, don’t get carried away, instead of spending it on you, make your

wife happy as she’s stood by your side for so long.

9.) Son, when I snuck out of my home and met your mother at her window under the moon, it was not for sex; it was because I missed her so.

10.) Son, understand when you say your wife has changed, notice and take responsibility that it is because of something you did to her.

11.) Son, your mother would love riding bikes with me before I bought our first car, if your wife won’t enjoy the little beginnings, she doesn’t deserve your riches.

12.) Son, never compare your wife to any woman, there are ways she’ll endure you to! And has she ever compared you to any other man?

13.) Son, there’s a thing that people call feminism. Son, if a woman claims to have equal right with you in the home – divide the bills you take half and give her the other.

14.) Son, when I fell in love with your mother, she was a virgin, and I took more potatoes to her father. If you don’t meet your wife a virgin; don’t blame her Son,

you see, Son our women had prestige.

15.) Son, I never sent your sisters to school because to me I thought it was foolish as a female child wouldn’t extend our family name. Son, please don’t make

this same mistake. Today I view female achievers making the male – gender an ordinary tag.

16.) Son, your mother once locked up the cloth I was wearing and she almost tore it as she was so angry. I am so glad I did not raise my hand to her and I say this,

Son as it gives me this day so that I can be proud in telling you that I never once beat your mother.

17.) Son, please don’t run to us with problems arising within your marriage, learn to grow and handle these problems amongst yourself.

18.) Son, I bough your mothers first sewing machine for her, encourage your wife to reach her dreams, just as you are pursuing yours.

19.) Son, never stop taking care of your mother and I. This is the secret of growing old and having your children care for you.

20.) Son, always encourage prayer between your family and learn to speak to God so he knows everything is ok. There is always a tomorrow you don’t know.


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  1. Love this. Life is not always easy. Love each other and talk. Always talk life is what you make it. I love my life. I have had hard times but this builds who you are as a person.

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