Finding Happiness through an Intention Driven Life

Life at times for many of us becomes blah, we are so set in our daily routine and we find ourselves becoming bored and for some; making poor decisions

and falling into depression. We must learn to make simple changes to our normal routine, so we’re not feeling “bored” with our lives. Learning to Finding

Happiness through an Intention Driven Life will bring happiness back to your life. We are in full control of our lives, and we have the power to make it better!

Learning to make healthy habits will grant you a healthy and positive life.

Tips for Living with Intention

1.) Learn to speak up for yourself and stop doing things you do not want to do. It is ok to say “NO”. Don’t make commitments for things you’d rather

not do. Communicate clearly to others and stay firm with your response.

2.) Your focus needs to be on you and only you; stop people pleasing! This honestly will not get you far as people tend to learn you’ll always do for them and they

are never there for you in return.

3.) Learn to listen to your inner voice (your gut instincts) usually more often than not what your inner voice is telling you is correct. Don’t put yourself in situations

that you will later regret.

4.) Learn to continue following your inspirations; this is the road to success. Set up your boundaries and do not drift from them. If you continually follow

your path you’ve set for yourself, you will reach your goals!

5.) Learn to treat yourself with respect! This is your life, you body take care of you so your flourish through life. Make time for you and do special things for you.

You are doing a great job and need to be rewarded.


Learning to be mindful of all your decisions and focusing on what you’d like to have in your life is attainable. It is so easy to just drift through life and allow

life to happen to us, this is why we need to make sure we map out our purpose to and lead a purpose driven life. Making boundaries and setting goals for

you is a sure way to live a life of intention. Doing something you enjoy everyday will help break up the day to day routine and you will feel happiness and

in your life. At the very least give yourself a solid 30 minutes to regroup at the end of a long day, take a walk, ride your bike, and make time to spend

with your friends.

when we are happy with what we are doing with are lives and when we are making positive choices and in complete control of our lives, we see

positive changes happen within us. We all should strive to live a life we love; we are all deserving and everything we desire is within our reach!


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